How to save money when moving?

By February 14, 2019Moving from Las Vegas

Moving your home is usually a costly activity. This is why many people look to decrease their moving costs any way they can. In these cases, anything goes – from hiring cheap movers to spreading out your move over a week. And sometimes this leads to mistakes that can cause a real moving disaster. In order to avoid this kind of scenario, we are here to tell you there’s a better way. You can have an affordable and successful relocation with no problems along the way! All you have to do is follow our tricks and you’ll save money when moving your home without the possibility of ruining it. Sounds good enough? Then let’s begin, because our money saving tips will be lifesaving!

Determine your budget

One of the easiest ways to save money during the relocation is to determine your budget and to keep track of it. During the move, we can easily get distracted and end up spending more than we’ve planned to. However, if you keep an eye on your budget you’ll focus on spending responsibly. This is the key for spending less on the relocation and staying under the budget.

Timing is crucial

If you want to save money when moving, you’ll have to carefully pick the date of your move. First-time movers probably don’t know that moving a house can cost more during some periods of time. For example, you’ll have to spend more on your move if you decide to move during holidays, or during busy seasons like summer. Also, moving during the weekend or at the end of the month is pricier than moving on a weekday or in the middle of the month. If you have some flexibility, find the date that will suit your needs and your budget best.

A calendar.

Learn on which dates your move will be more expensive.

Plan out utility shut off dates

After you carefully pick your moving date, you should plan out utility shut off dates. This is a very important step because if you don’t do this, you’ll end up paying for utilities in your new home and in your old one, too. This is the perfect example of not spending money in a responsible way.

Call in the troops

The key to a successful and cheap move is to ask as many people as you can to help you. If you have enough of them by your side, tasks like packing, loading, and cleaning will be done in no time. You can ask your friends and family members. Even the youngest can help you! They can label moving boxes, separate items, or help you with decluttering. With the help of your loved ones, you won’t have to pay the movers for additional moving services. This way, you’ll save money when moving. After you move, don’t forget to thank all the people who helped you during your move. You can create a gratitude list or prepare a small party for them. The choice is yours.

Declutter to save money when moving

The most important thing you should if you want to spend on your relocation less, is to declutter before the move. Whether you’ve been living in your old home for a half year or for ten years, you probably have a lot of unnecessary stuff in it. There’s no reason for moving everything you own to your new home! Instead of this, you should get rid of unwanted items. There’s no room for your old clothes and damaged electronics in your new home. Moving less will save you some money and you’ll have a chance to donate items that are still usable. The important thing is to start decluttering ahead of time because if you don’t do it you’ll end up with little to no time to plan your move.

A teddy bear in a box.

Your kid’s old toys would be great for donation.

Earn money while you’re moving

Moving home isn’t just about spending money and time. This is also a chance for you to make some extra money out of it. Since you’ll already declutter before the move, think about selling some items. If you find some valuables, collections, or antiques, there’s a high chance you’ll sell them in no time. One of the most popular ways of selling belongings before the move is by organizing a yard sale. However, most people don’t have enough time for it. So, instead of having a yard sale, you can try to sell them online via popular websites like Amazon, or eBay. Of course, you can always decide to be charitable and donate your furniture before moving. 

Find free packing materials

After decluttering, it’s time to start packing! Start packing as early as you can in order to have a smooth move. And if you want to have a cheap relocation, you’ll first need to find free packing materials. Take for example cardboard boxes – they’re everywhere! So, there’s no need for buying them. Search your home, ask your friends or stop by a grocery store and ask for some spare cardboard boxes. Make the most of your time and find packing materials in advance if you want to be able to complete other moving-related stuff later.

Think outside the box

This way of thinking will make your move much cheaper! There are many creative ways for packing your belongings that will also keep them safe and secure. Apart from moving boxes, you can also use:

    • Towels, blankets, bed linens, and other fabrics
    • Different plastic containers;
    • Garbage bags for non-breakable items;
    • Suitcases, backpacks, and so on.
Be creative written on a piece of paper.

You already have most of the packing materials in your home. Encourage your creativity and find them in order to save money when moving!

Hire a reliable but affordable moving company

Most people think that hiring a moving company has to be pricey. However, this is not true. There are many affordable moving companies with a lot of satisfied clients! If you want to hire one for your move, you’ll have to find the one that’s best for your needs and your budget. You should keep in mind that going for the cheapest moving company isn’t always the best thing to do. There’s a chance you’ll end up as a victim of a moving scam, or you’ll just get bad service from your movers. In order to avoid these bad situations, take some time, do research and find the right mover. And don’t make rash decisions!

As you can see, there are many simple tips and tricks that will help you save money when moving, whether you are moving internationally or locally. So, instead of spending all of your money on the relocation, learn all of these tips and move like a pro!

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