Las Vegas vs. NYC

By November 17, 2018Moving to Las Vegas

Choosing a place to live is always a great responsibility. It seems easier to choose when your options are two cities, but is it really? In the case of Las Vegas vs. NYC, the crucial factors to make a decision where to live include the cost of living, safety, your interests and job opportunities each of these cities offers. We have compared Las Vegas vs. NYC, so read on. Hopefully, you will make your decision soon.

Living in Las Vegas

We cannot but mention the general prejudice related to Las Vegas. It is one of the most visited tourist attractions famous for gambling, fine restaurants, exclusive shops, entertainment, and exciting nightlife. However, this isn’t all the city offers. If you want to know what it is like when living in Las Vegas, you have to go beyond the general belief. It’s a place with lots of green areas, abundant sunshine and up to 30 days of rain throughout the year. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

Living in NYC

Isn’t it nice to live in one of the most famous and most photographed cities in the world? NYC is the most populous city in the US, which means that the majority of people have recognized its potential. There are a lot of green areas to enjoy and numerous places to explore. If you are worried about job opportunities, don’t be. You can work in the banking industry, finances, tourism, real estate, the media, entertainment, arts, and many more business fields. So, should you move to New York then?

Las Vegas vs. NYC cost of living

Unsurprisingly, the cost of living is much cheaper in Las Vegas. When it comes to food, clothes and personal care, the difference isn’t big. Conversely, when it comes to housing, Las Vegas is 50% cheaper than NYC. Since finances can influence your decision significantly, in this case, Las Vegas is the winner.

Las Vegas vs. NYC job opportunities

Although the unemployment rate is slightly higher in Las Vegas at the moment, the situation is much better than before. The expected future job growth in both Las Vegas and NYC is similar, so they break even at this point. The average household income is a bit higher in NYC as well as the income per person. On the other hand, what makes Las Vegas a better city in this field is that you don’t have to pay an income tax there.

There isn't a significant difference in Las Vegas vs. NYC job opportunities.

Both cities offer numerous job opportunities so finding a job is not a reason to worry.

Las Vegas vs. NYC weather conditions

If you eventually decide to move from Las Vegas to NYC, finding experts that can move your furniture won’t be the only serious problem you might have. Getting used to NYC weather might be as hard too. You will miss those Las Vegas sunny days greatly since there will be 30% fewer sunny days in NYC. In addition, you will have to put up with 80% more rainy days as well. It isn’t impossible to achieve, but it will definitely take some time.

Las Vegas vs. NYC crime rate

Your safety and the safety of your family are very important. This is why people tend to look for safe neighborhoods when they move. When comparing Las Vegas vs. NYC crime rate, it is clearly visible that NYC is safer. The crime rate in Las Vegas is much higher when it comes to both violent and property crime. This might change in the future, as in the case of Brooklyn in New York. Brooklyn proves that a neighborhood can change considerably. From an unsafe area, it has become one of the most favorite neighborhoods of families with children, young people, professionals, artists, etc. If Brooklyn is the right place for you, don’t hesitate. Start packing immediately. You have made the right decision.

Las Vegas vs. NYC crime rate can change in the future.

From an unsafe neighborhood, Brooklyn has become one of the most favorite neighborhoods of families with children, young people, professionals, artists, etc.

Las Vegas vs. NYC cost of health services

The health cost is similar in both cities. However, air pollution is more severe in NYC and it affects the health of its citizens. Besides that, the quality of water is also lower in NYC than in Las Vegas. We can say that pollution is something NYC has to regulate and stop. It can cause much bigger problems in the future.

Las Vegas vs. NYC population

We have already said that NYC is the most populous city in the USA. Believe it or not, it is 503% more densely populated than Las Vegas. A huge difference, isn’t it? To all people who are planning to move, we can say that the median age is 1.1 years younger in NYC. So, when compared to Las Vegas, it doesn’t make much of a difference. When it comes to marital status, 9.8 % of people are more likely to be married in Las Vegas. On the whole, although there are much more people in NYC, it isn’t easy to live there and not feel lonely. Big cities like this offer a lot, but they take away your free time very often. They don’t leave you much time to meet friends, relax and enjoy, except maybe at weekends. Think well if this is your cup of tea.

Las Vegas vs. NYC transportation system

An inevitable part of living in a big city is dealing with traffic jams and commuting to work. Las Vegas is in a more favorable position comparing to NYC when it comes to traffic-related problems. The average commute time is longer in NYC than in Las Vegas. Most of New Yorkers travel 60 to 90 minutes to work, whereas most people in Las Vegas travel up to one hour. This explains why a higher percentage of people in NYC tend to work from home.

Las Vegas vs. NYC transportation system

An inevitable part of living in a big city is dealing with traffic jams and commuting to work.

Have you made a decision yet?

The comparison Las Vegas vs. NYC is not easy to do. Giving your final judgment on which of these cities is better to live in is even harder. The decision you make will depend on your priorities and your personal preferences. We hope we have answered the question “why do people move to Las Vegas?”  and that we have helped you understand what is so special about living in NYC. Now is the time for you to think and discuss your wishes with the family. Whatever decision you make, you will have the privilege of living in world famous cities with great potential to be used. Don’t miss your opportunity.

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