How to find moving boxes in Las Vegas

By November 28, 2018Moving from Las Vegas

What are some of the things that you always need with you when moving? Is it a good and reliable moving company that you can trust? A working and well-organized moving schedule to which you can follow during the move? Or is it a trusted equipment that will help you throughout the process? Well, one of the most important things – if not the most important thing you need – are the moving boxes. Without them, you cannot pack your items. Then, you are not able to transport them – you cannot just carry your items by hand. They also serve to help you protect your items during travel, and ease up the packing and unpacking process. The question then becomes – how do you even find moving boxes in Las Vegas. Well, if this question is burning in your mind, you’re in the right place! We give you the answers in this article!

How do you find moving boxes in Las Vegas?

There are many ways in which you can find moving boxes – and you can even find them for free! Many people don’t realize this. They just rush to their nearest hardware store and buy everything in their sight. However, if you take some time to properly plan your move and set up your moving checklist, you will be able to get all the materials for no money at all!

There is a multitude of things you can do:

  • visit local stores and ask about the boxes they are using,
  • try to find moving boxes in Las Vegas via the internet,
  • talk to your friends and neighbors.

Your local Las Vegas stores might have the moving boxes for you

One of the best ways in which you can find moving boxes in Las Vegas is to look around you. There are so many places in the city that are receiving their goods on a daily basis. For that, they are using firm, sturdy boxes. And guess what? These are great for any type of move! They can protect your items from external forces, like other boxes, falls or bumps in the road. They are also great because you can find them in a multitude of sizes. Because of this, packing is easy and fast – if you plan it well.

A grocery store.

Visit your local grocery store to ask for some moving boxes.

So, think about which stores use which boxes. The best candidates are liquor stores. They often get more boxes than they know what to do with them. Because of this, they often might be anxious to just get them off their hands. These boxes are great because they are designed to transport fragile items – bottles – and keep them safe. You can also visit bars and restaurants, as well as pharmacies, for the same purpose, too!

When it comes to carrying heavier things, however, your best bet would be to visit either bookstores or groceries. The bookstores receive boxes designed to carry loads of books. This, as you probably know, can get pretty heavy, so these boxes are sturdy and firm. Same goes with groceries and their canned goods. This way, you will be able to save money on Las Vegas relocation and finish the job quickly.

The internet is a great tool to find moving boxes in Las Vegas

If you cannot find moving boxes in Las Vegas, then the time has come for you to venture out into the internet. There are so many online resources that you can use in your search – but there are also a lot of people looking into the same thing you are. You might sometimes find yourself in a race with other people when trying to find moving boxes online. However, due to how many resources are at your disposal, this will not be such a problem.

A person trying to find moving boxes in Las Vegas online.

The internet offers a lot of resources for you.

The first thing you can look into are websites like Craigslist. There, under the “for sale” heading in the free section, you can often find dozens of people offering their moving boxes. Then, there are websites like Freecycle or various Facebook community groups. These can help you spread the word that you are looking for moving boxes, and someone might be able to help you.

Finally, USPS offers free boxes on their websites. However, they are not the only one. There are a couple other similar opportunities to find moving boxes in Las Vegas for free. For example, there is also the U-Haul Box Exchange. On their website, you can type in your location and what you are looking for, and they will connect you with the people who have what you need.

Talk to your friends and family

Finally, there is a step that we didn’t really focus on, but can be quite useful. You can always talk to your friends, family, and colleges about moving, as well! Someone in your surrounding might have been moving recently, and they can offer their moving supplies to you. And even if you didn’t meet people after moving to Las Vegas, you can try posting an ad in your local community board or similar ideas.

A friend helping another friend climb.

Your friends can be a great help during your move.

And even if they cannot give you moving supplies, your friends might be able to help you find moving boxes in Las Vegas. Maybe they have experience with moving in the area, and you can chat with them about where they got their supplies. Use this time to also talk with them about the moving company they used, because they can give you helpful tips, but also point out to the things you should look out for during your move.

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