Why is everybody moving to Florida?

The Sunshine State is quickly becoming one of the most populous states in America – behind only California and Texas! More and more people are finding the Sunshine State to be the right place for them. But, you might wonder – why is everybody moving to Florida? What’s so good about the Sunshine State? Well, there are many answers – because there are many things in Florida! From the sparkly beaches, crystal water, and beautiful weather, to no income tax and low cost of living, Florida grows more desirable by the day. It’s a frequent retirement spot, too. Many retirees want to spend their days somewhere where it’s always warm, so they retire to Las Vegas or to Florida.

Are you moving to Florida? That calls for a toast!

Enjoy drinks on the beach in December if you’re moving to Florida!

Have you thought about moving to Florida yourself? Let yourself consider it – you might find the answer is yes! Of course, there are obvious things to consider, such as how to meet people after your move. Moving can be very tricky! But, the pros far outweigh the cons. Just imagine relaxing on the beach after a long day of work, or just relaxing if you’re retired. When you’re in Florida, every day is a vacation day. Plus, there’s a great many things to see every day, enough to keep you amused for sure!

Moving to Florida for the real estate?

There’s one special thing a lot of people are moving to Florida for – no income tax. Yeah, you read that right. The Sunshine State doesn’t have an income tax, leaving you wealthier than in other states. Not to mention the real estate market in Florida is excellent – still very affordable. Plus, you can get a lot of different properties. No matter if you’re interested in a traditional, classic family home with a garage or a luxury tourist-y villa, Florida has something for your price range! No matter if you’re moving long distance from Orlando or moving to the other side of the city, you can easily score a new real estate property in Florida.

Plus, due to no income tax, you can just accumulate your wealth while you’re living and working in Florida. Many expats keep houses and properties in Florida due to it’s low prices and low taxes, that they visit on the summers while spending the rest of the  year in their country of origin. It’s a very common tactic when it comes to retirement, too – especially Canadian retirees. They even have special websites dedicated to meeting other Canadian retirees in Florida!

A beautiful spacious house.

Many people consider moving to Florida just because they can easily buy a luxury house.

The climate and nature are beautiful

For the nature lovers among you, that itself might be enough. After all, Florida is famous for it’s sandy beaches and pure water, but it has far more to offer! Of course, not everyone is a beach enthusiast, or a surfer. But you can do far more in Florida than catch a gnarly wave. For example, have you ever wanted to go paddling in the Panhandle? What about biking or hiking? Moving to Florida is a nature lover’s paradise, and not just because you get to wear swimsuits in winter. Though the relaxing tropical climate sure does help!

  • Florida has a lot to offer for the animal lovers too! If you love the sea and it’s denizens, Marineland Aquarium is an excellent place for you.
  • Ever wanted to dive with dolphins, stingrays, otters and much more? You might find that Discovery Cove is right up your alley!
  • Florida has a surprising amount of hiking and biking trails, enough for any fitness enthusiast!
  • There’s a great many things to do in Florida, but if you’re moving there for good, don’t forget to check your inventory list when you decide to move.
  • Are you moving to Florida for the beaches? You can discover a lot of lesser-known beaches for privacy during the tourist seasons! Like for example, the Florida Keys!
  • Speaking of Florida Keys – Key West is a must-see, no matter where in Florida you end up living! This lovely island city boasts with the Southernmost point of the USA, a great many coral reefs for snorkeling, and a great many dolphins to snorkel with.
A dolphin happy to see you moving to Florida.

Moving to Florida gives you a great opportunity to befriend a dolphin!

There’s a great many theme parks, too!

Florida is full to bursting with various activities, and theme parks are definitely included. After all, who doesn’t know about Disney World? However, there’s way more to Florida’s theme parks – the area around Orlando alone can fit a solid month of fun by itself! Considering Legoland and Universal keep drawing crowds, the theme park industry is booming in Florida. And that’s not mentioning how aqua-parks are a dime a dozen in such a tropical state. When you’re living in Florida, you can enjoy aqua-parks on your weekends off from work, instead of waiting for your vacation time. Florida is a great place for you if you have school-age children, because you won’t have to wonder about how to entertain them for the weekend – just pack them up in your car and drive to the nearest theme park and let them go wild!

How easy is it to move to Florida?

Moving to Florida is surprisingly easy! Of course, you have to do a lot of things you would if you’re moving anywhere – like, for example, switch your drivers licence and figure out what your medical insurance will be. And things like shutting off utilities to your old place and turning them on in your new place. But, that’s honestly standard no matter where you’re moving to! When it comes to moving itself, however, it would be best to have trusted professionals, preferably from Florida. After all, who can handle moving to Florida better than professionals stationed there, like Moving Kings Van Lines FL? For experienced Florida movers, another Florida move is easy as pie. They have the necessary experience, and are familiar with the terrain as well as any Florida laws you might not be aware of.

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