Items that should be on your inventory list when moving to Florida

By August 27, 2018Moving from Las Vegas

Moving to Florida is often a great choice for many reasons, the weather being the first and most obvious one. But as with any other move, your life is going to be so much easier with an inventory list. What should be there on your inventory list when moving to Florida? Should it be any different than when moving elsewhere? Oh, yes! The weather we already talked about is the first factor to consider.

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Let’s move to the Sunshine State!

Are you ready for the endless summer?

Okay, we’ll have to rephrase this a little bit, but only if you’re moving to the north portion of the Sunshine State. This is where you get to experience cool winter nights, with the average temperatures of some 40-50 F. Daily average temperatures go just above 60 F. But if you’re moving to Miami or anywhere in the southern part of the state, the endless summer is waiting for you. To conduct your South Florida move without any stress, get ready for the heat. That means a lot of boxes labeled “summer clothes” on your inventory list. And just a small box of winter gear, for the time you’ll be traveling or visiting back home (if you’re coming for a cooler place).

If you wonder why to even separate your summer and winter clothes, it’s because you need to know what to unpack first when you get to your new home. The “Winter gear” box will certainly not be among your priorities.

Speaking of the weather…

What sports equipment do you actually need to take with yourself?

Of course, if you’re passionate about skiing and escape every year somewhere cold to hit the slopes, you will take your ski equipment with you. But will you need a sled for your children? Definitely not. Sell it, donate it or pass it on – you choose. One thing is certain though – it makes no sense bringing it to Florida.

Are you a book lover?

If you are, it would probably be hard to persuade you not to take your whole library with you. But keep in mind that the weather in Florida will allow you to spend a lot of time outdoors. That means you might not have that much time for reading. Sure, you can always grab a book and read enjoying the beautiful weather outdoors, but there are so many options to choose from and you might be tempted to try them all.

People coming from places with cold winters, such as the north of the country, might find themselves overwhelmed by the abundance of outdoor activities all year round. Especially if you care about healthy living, you might not need to bring all the books and magazines you own. If you still do, check out for professional assistance with moving and packing.

Create an inventory list when moving to Florida

Create an inventory list when moving to Florida

What furniture should be on your inventory list when moving to Florida?

Those who don’t care that much about interior design will just check for a cheaper option. Is it taking their furniture with them or selling it back home and buying new once they move to Florida? However, if you love decorating your home, you’ll take this chance to get new furniture that will be more in line with your new home state – The Sunshine State and its glorious weather. That means you’ll opt for furniture and décor in brighter colors. If you’re coming from a cooler place, your old furniture probably won’t fit in very well. Think about it before you add it to your inventory list when moving to Florida.

Do you have camping gear?

If you do, take it with you by all means! Camping in Florida is big and not only due to the great weather. Florida is known for the amazing nature and it’s not only about the ocean and the beach. There are so many national and state parks in Florida and you would enjoy exploring them.

How about garden equipment?

Garden equipment is another set of items that you’d want to put on your inventory list when moving to Florida. There are not so many places in the country where you could have a more beautiful garden that the Sunshine State. If you’re into gardening, take the opportunity to enjoy your hobby while in Florida.

What do you need to take with you no matter where you’re moving to?

Finally, there are some things that will probably make it to your inventory list when moving to Florida – just as they would make it if you were moving anywhere else. Such items are electronic gadgets, kitchen supplies. Toy sets if you’re taking any children with you. Pet supplies if you’re taking any pets with you. All those items will probably end up in your new home where that new home is – unless you decide to buy everything new.

Miami, Florida

Miami is a great place to be.

And why do you even need that inventory list?

If you’re wondering about this one, here are a few reasons why an inventory list is such an important item when moving. Yes, it might be tempting to just forget about it and skip this step, with all others things you have on your mind when moving. But this particular step has proven to be crucial in the moving process later on and here’s why.

Organize your stuff.

It’s a lot easier to organize your belongings when moving than otherwise. So take the opportunity and take a look at what you have. Do you really need all that stuff? Many people just tend to go shopping and piling up different items, without ever using many of them? This is a great time to get rid of them all.

It helps with packing and unpacking. A lot.

Yes, going through all your belongings and sorting out takes time. But so does packing and unpacking. Spend some time making an inventory list when moving to Florida and getting rid of what you no longer need and you will save time when it comes to packing and unpacking. On top of that, it’s a lot easier to pack and unpack when you have everything organized and a list to follow.

It saves money.

Moving things from one place to another costs some money, moving things from one state to another even more so. Why would you spend your money to take with you the things you no longer need? Makes no sense, right? Make your inventory list, get rid of the stuff you don’t need and take only those you still use with you.


You don’t want any of your items damaged and lost while you’re being left with no insurance, do you? But there’s no insurance without an inventory list. So get started and move your inventory list when moving to Florida.

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