Dishes you must try after moving from the US to Kuwait

By September 14, 2022Moving from Las Vegas

Moving from the US to Kuwait can be an amazing adventure. You surely know all about that one right? Over the years many US citizens moved to Kuwait for various reasons.

Some did it to experience a new culture, some did it for a job or job opportunities. we won’t be talking about reasons today. You obviously have a lot of work ahead of you. One of the reasons why people are moving here is their amazing cuisine. Today we will show you some of the amazing (traditional) dishes you need to try in Kuwait no matter if you are just visiting here or moving.


This is one of the dishes you need to try as soon as you move to Kuwait. Machboos is the quintessential Kuwaiti word. Many people seem to enjoy it but this is not a dish for vegans. It is quite similar to the Jordanian dish mansaf. You will often hear that this is the national dish of Kuwait. Rice cooked in a chicken or mutton broth is served with grilled mutton, chicken, or fish. It’s really delicious and the meat is very tender when prepared this way. Dakoos is a red gravy or sauce that goes over the meat. This is a very popular gravy that accompanies many of these dishes.

Middle Eastern meal
You will often see rice in middle easter dishes.

If you like soups, you will love Harees

Thickening agents, like cinnamon sugar, are often added to the mashed wheat and meat that makes up this hearty soup. It may not look or sound appealing, but this dish is a great way to stay full and cozy on chilly winter nights. It doesn’t even look amazing but the taste is. So don’t judge the book by the cover (or a dish in this case). Be open-minded towards Kuwaiti cuisine and chances are – you will love it. This can also be one of the first meals you try once you relocate. Obviously, you will first need to unpack and settle in and then you can start exploring the cuisine. If you want to settle in with ease, you should call local movers to help you out. The sooner you are done with these tasks the sooner you will be able to start exploring Kuwait and its dishes.

Muttabaq Samak is one of the best “fishy” meals

This dish consists of fish over rice that has been cooked in a flavorful fish stock. It’s well seasoned but it’s not hot.  This dish has regional variants throughout the Gulf. The fresh fish and fragrant rice will be a winning combination if the dish is well-prepared. This healthy meal will win over your heart and stomach.


One of our favorite Kuwaiti dishes is this. As you can see this is yet another rice dish. The Murabyan is a staple in the Kuwaiti diet. This time there is plenty of shrimp in it. Onions, turmeric, coriander, and dried loomi are cooked until soft and added to the dish. This flavorful dish is sure to please everyone. After you are done moving from the US to Kuwait, try this meal.

Do you like sponge cake? Try Gers Ogaily

This Kuwaiti sponge cake may look like any other, but it’s the ideal way to finish off a hearty meal. It’s fluffy and light, with prominent notes of cardamom, sesame, saffron, rose water, and many other spices. Those with a sweet tooth will probably start the exploration with this dish first. That’s ok. Some people would rather eat cakes than full meals. Just as long as you are finished with settling in. But if you hire Easy Move KW that will be easy and quick.

sponge cake
This dish smells amazing as well!

The best places to try traditional food in Kuwait

The best way to find out where to look for the most delicious Kuwait food is to ask locals. After all, they know where the best restaurants are and they have tried them all. With that being said we can show you where to start before you befriend locals after your international relocation.

  • Beit Dickson
  • Zwarah

Beit Dickson

This Salmiya restaurant occupies the home of Kuwait’s last (British) ruler before the country declared independence. If you’re hungry, get the lentil soup, but skip the Karak tea. You can almost imagine yourself in an authentic Middle Eastern souk while here.

You’ll feel like you’re dining in old Kuwait thanks to the Arabic tents. You will also see their mud wall finishes, cement floor, and heavy wooden chairs. The rustic and antique furniture and appliances only add up to the feel. We liked the red and blue tablecloths and tons of Kuwaiti artifacts and memorabilia.

A couple eating a meal while celebrating after moving from the US to Kuwait
We can show you the two most amazing places but after moving from the US to Kuwait you will need to ask locals about other places you can explore and enjoy.


This trendy eatery offers a contemporary take on classic dishes. Everything about this restaurant is amazing and even whimsical. The only exception is the service. Their service is practically impeccable. Gers Ogaily is served with delicious cinnamon tea and adorable tableware.

Keep in mind that the blend of spices is what really makes a dish stand out in Kuwaiti cuisine, not the specific meat or vegetable used. Since the definition of machboos is based on the similarity of the spices used, the dish could be made with chicken, lamb, or another type of meat and still be called machboos. Furthermore, most of these meals can be ordered as a dish for one person but are meant to be shared. Communal eating is highly valued in Kuwaiti society.

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