5 main differences between Nevada and California

By December 19, 2021Moving to Las Vegas

There are many states where moving to is a great idea. If thinking about moving somewhere you will certainly be faced with the hard task of choosing a state to move to. As a moving company based in Nevada, we have noticed an increase in people moving to California. There are both young and elderly people moving to California from Nevada. This is why we wanted to write an article talking about some differences between Nevada and California. Getting used to living in new surroundings can be difficult for some but knowing certain things that might be difficult to deal with in advance can be very helpful. So we decided to help some of you out by writing this article. There are some things you have to know if you want to deal with adjusting to moving to a new state as smoothly as it is possible. We are here to tell you about the five differences between Nevada and California.


One of the main differences between Nevada and California is the pricing. Nevada is known for being not such an expensive state to live in but not an affordable one either. But California is completely different. California is very expensive when it comes to everything. The real estate market in California is one of the most expensive markets in the country. But not only this, everything is very expensive in California.

As Nevada is much more affordable, this change can be hard to deal with. This is why you need to make sure that you have a well-paying job before moving to California. You will not be able to handle all the expenses, especially after moving. Moving is a costly task. There are plenty of expenses to cover when moving from one state to another. You have to hire reliable professional movers when moving interstate. Luckily, you can easily find the best option when it comes to moving services to California.

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Job opportunities

Another thing that is very different between these two states is the job opportunities. California is a state where a lot of people live in and as it is expensive, you have to work. There are many more people moving to California with Family Affair Moving from other states and all over the world. This makes the job market very busy. There are many options but there aren’t plenty of available job positions. This is why we suggest you find a job before actually moving to California from Nevada. It is much better to be safe than to stress about searching for a job about moving.


If you have children, it is very important for you that they have an opportunity to get a good education. And this is something living in California surely offers. There are so many amazing schools in California. And this is not something you can say about Nevada. Nevada doesn’t have so many great schools, unfortunately. A lot of parents actually find this to be one of the main reasons to leave Nevada for another state such as California.

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There are plenty of amazing schools in California.

There are plenty of amazing cities in California where you have both private and public schools where your children could get amazing, modern education. So, moving with your family to California from Nevada is not a bad idea at all. California is great for people with children as there are a lot of safe towns. This brings us to one of our next differences between Nevada and California. And for a lot of people, this is the most important thing and we would agree with them.


Safety is important no matter your age. Who would want to live in an unsafe environment? Unfortunately, there are a couple of unsafe towns in California. These are towns where the crime rates have gone up over the last couple of years. But there aren’t plenty of such towns, luckily. You will certainly find a safe one much easier as there are many more of them in California.

California is amazing as there are both big and small towns you can move to which are safe and provide you with everything you need. And this is surely not something you can say about Nevada as well. Sure, there are lots of safe towns and towns for the elderly in Nevada, but not as many as there are in California. This is why a lot of people relocate to Califonria from Nevada.

Child on a bike.
Moving to California with children is a great idea as there are lots of safe towns you can move to.


Nevada is a state where not a lot of people from all over the world live. It hasn’t gained such popularity yet. This is one of the five differences between Nevada and California. California is much more diverse. There are people from all countries living in California. This makes the community not so tight as it is in Nevada. People in California are much more distant. They are polite and welcoming but it just isn’t the same as moving to a small town in Nevada. You would be greeted much better in Nevada. This is because there are fewer people living here. Even if moving from Las Vegas to California. There are lots of people in both cities but Nevada is much better at welcoming newcomers.

Large communities don’t tend to be close. It is very hard to achieve that especially when you have people from all over the world moving there every day. But living in California means easily spreading your connections. Meeting people there is very easy as everyone is there to meet new people and expand connections in order to better in their career. This is not something you can do easily in Nevada as small towns there do not have such fun places to go to where you could meet people but are mostly towns for people with children and the elderly.

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