Most senior-friendly cities in Nevada

If you’re a Nevada retiree, finding a place where you’ll spend your senior days is not much of a problem. Many beautiful communities value peace as their utmost privilege. Finding such a home should be your top priority. As we’ve mentioned – it’s an easy task, if you’re looking throughout the state of Nevada. You’re bound to find your dream home there. How do we know? Well, let’s just say we have a list of the most senior-friendly cities in Nevada. We’ll gladly share it with you. You’ll see what we’re talking about. Anyway, read the text below to find some helpful info.

Boulder City

Although it’s situated close to Las Vegas, Boulder City is a place where gambling is prohibited. Here’s a fun fact. It’s one of only two Nevada cities that prohibit gambling. The city’s surrounded by some fine nature. You’ll find Lake Mead just outside the city gates. If you’re a senior who still wants to go wild, Las Vegas is also right outside Boulder City. Also, let’s not forget that one-third of the city’s population are retirees. Picking out this one as the destination of your senior relocation might be just the thing to do. It’s pretty safe to assume you’ll meet some nice people in Boulder City.

Iconic Las Vegas skyline.
If you decide to retire in Boulder City, Las Vegas will be in your nearest surrounding. While it may be an inconvenience for some, it’s a treasure for seniors still up for partying,


A name you’ll see on most lists concerning senior-friendly cities in the USA is Pahrump. According to some scholars, the city got its name after the original indigenous nameĀ Pah-Rimpi, which means Water Rock. That’s no surprise. Abundant artesian wells are to be found in the city’s surroundings. As was the case with Boulder City, Pahrump is pretty close to Las Vegas. Hop into your car, then drive for about 45 minutes and you’re there. There’s something we haven’t mentioned. You’ll find some quality moving services in the area. You shouldn’t worry. Local movers are quite renowned for their senior moving services. There’s no need to overemphasize the fact that experts are the best assistance. Now that we’ve made that clear, let’s continue with our list.

Incline Village

Have you ever heard of Lake Tahoe? That’s right. The amazing natural border between California and Nevada. If you’re a fan of fascinating outdoor imagery (and who isn’t), you’re going to adore this small community of about 8k residents. Just search up it on Google Images. That kind of natural beauty is pretty rare to find in these parts of the US. You can even do some skiing at Lake Tahoe, as a matter of fact. To sum it all up – look at the picture below. Words are downright useless here, right?

The Nevada shore of Lake Tahoe. Incline Village is among the most senior friendly cities in Nevada thanks to this beauty.
Just take a look at this stunning photograph. It’s Lake Tahoe. Having this beauty nearby is a dream of many US seniors.


Also called “the biggest little town in the world”, Reno is a great place to spend your retirement days. Reno’s a great mix of urban ambiance and small-town charm. It brings the best of both worlds. Most people love the combo. If you’re one of them and see Reno as your new home, start preparing for a relocation. It’s best to plan your budget on time and contact moving service providers to get a free quote. Being organized and well-prepared is the key to success in most relocation ordeals. We’ll close this one with a REM quote:

Humming all the way to Reno
You’ve written your own directions


A four-letter city, again. Elko is for folks who’ve had enough of Las Vegas and want to move as far away from it as it’s possible. As we’ve mentioned at the beginning, there are communities that value peace over everything else. Elko is undoubtedly one of them. That, of course, doesn’t mean Elko’s boring. It has a museum of cowboy culture. How cool is that? Also, it’s surrounded by beautiful nature. Elko Hot Springs are in the area, waiting on you to enjoy them.

Mountainous landscape in Northeastern Nevada.
Moving to Elko, you’ll be able to enjoy the fascinating beauty of Northeastern Nevada.

Carson City

Another Lake Tahoe shoreline town, Carson City is Nevada’s own gem. You can’t go wrong choosing this one as a senior. Spending their golden years in Carson City is something Nevada soon-to-be seniors are hoping for. Did you know that the Nevada State Museum is located in Carson City? Also, it’s home to Fuji Park, one of the most beautiful parks in the state. You’ll enjoy some wonderful afternoons with your loved ones surrounded by nothing but green color. Feel free to contact Triple 7 Movers Las Vegas, and get a free quote, if you find this city attractive as we do. Relocating to Carson City was never so easy as it is today, with professional moving crews doing their best.

Las Vegas

We’ve waited till the end for this one. Let’s assume nobody expected this one on the list of most senior friendly cities in Nevada, but here it is. It’s where most fun-loving seniors go to spend their golden days. It would seem kind of strange to you if your grandmother was to relocate there, but being a senior doesn’t necessarily mean you’re obliged to behave in a certain way. So, yeah, some seniors enjoy the Vegas lifestyle. Also, it’s not more expensive than most cities on this list. Some statistics say it’s pretty affordable.

A few words at the end

So, there you have it. These were some of the most senior-friendly cities in Nevada. Hopefully, you’ve picked out your favorites. Whether you’re looking for amazing nature, urban areas with small-town charm, or the lush nightlife of Las Vegas, you’ll find something to your liking in this US state. In Nevada, you have a great offer of quality moving providers. Needless to say – you don’t need to worry about relocating. Yours is only to pick a destination within the state.

Thank you for reading. Good luck with your relocation, although you won’t need luck. It’s just a saying.

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