3 insightful tips for moving household items internationally

By September 21, 2021Packing and unpacking

There are many mistakes people make when moving by themselves. To help you avoid that, we have 3 insightful tips for moving household items internationally. When you are completed with this article, you will be confident to move your belongings where ever you want without any stress. So let’s begin!

​The first on our list of 3 insightful tips for moving household items internationally – is to make an inventory

When moving internationally, creating an inventory is a must-do. Because you will need to have all of your ducks in order. Here is how you should make an inventory:

  • Get yourself something to write on. However, this is an old-fashioned approach to make sure you will not lose your household items list – use an application on your phone. All phones come with a pre-installed note-taking app.
  • Before you get to note-taking, ponder on your items. Do you need all of them in your new home? If you do not toss them. This will make note-taking less bothersome and save you money down the line with packing materials.
  • Why inventory is one of the 3 insightful tips for moving household items internationally – because you can stay organized. Here are our useful tips on how to take organized notes. You will need to divide your notes by room. If you take notes by room, you will know exactly what household items were in that room, and it would be easier to pack and unpack them.
a notebook
Writing an inventory will keep you level headed

​What to pack your household items with?

When it comes to packing materials for your household items, there are a lot of options. We are going to lay out some of them, and you can choose your own. Every how-to move guide can tell you that you need something to pack your items into. There are two options – cardboard boxes and plastic bins. In most cases, you can execute a move with cardboard boxes. They are cheaper and will protect your stuff. However, with an international relocation, you need extra protection. For that, we recommend going with plastic bins. They are a one-time purchase that you will be able to reuse. What to wrap your household items with? Get different packing materials; packing paper, bubble wrap, packing peanuts – the usual suspects. You can not go wrong with them but think about the cardboard boxes and plastic bins. They are the real head-scratcher.

a family packing
The right supplies are our second of insightful tip

​The final tip on our 3 insightful tips for moving household items internationally – is on how to pack

When you have all of your items cataloged, and the moving supplies, you need to know how to pack them. Make sure to pack items with similar shapes in the same box. By packing this way, you will be saving space. The heavier household items should be first in your plastic bins/cardboard boxes. With fragile items, wrap them with more cushioning.


If you follow our 3 insightful tips for moving household items internationally, you will have a successful international relocation.

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