Top Las Vegas adjacencies for your relocation- Part IV

By January 6, 2017Moving to Las Vegas

The serial of articles regarding Las Vegas adjacencies is continuing to present you the top destinations for your relocation! This is our fourth extension, with some more recommendations on the same subject- where are the best neighbourhoods for life in Las Vegas. We received many e-mails after we published texts on neighbourhoods of Las Vegas to move to part I, part II and part III asking for more moving recommendations. Las Vegas territory is very big, so here we are with more Las Vegas adjacencies suggestions! The criteria remained the same, so these suggestions to come are equally good, or perhaps slightly better than previous ones. We will explain again the criteria we used for ranking the neighbourhoods, to remind you, being that it’s been a while since we mentioned them:

  • Average salary– Neighbourhoods with top earnings per capita
  • Housing– The adjacencies with the most affordable homes
  • Unemployment rate- Parts of Las Vegas with the least unemployed, and the most business offers
  • Crime rate– The safest territories of Las Vegas measured by crimes per 1000 inhabitants
  • Time spent in transportation- Neighbourhoods ranked by commuting time from house to work and back

We are writing this for those already decided to move to Las Vegas, and those already living in it. For those to come, it is recommendable to read the experience of newcomers and expats to Las Vegas. Because it will help them determine how to choose the right neighbourhood for them.

Top Las Vegas adjacencies by recommendation from inhabitants of The Sin City!

South and south-west Las Vegas, as good adjacency as it gets for both, singles and families!

Las Vegas adjacencies' young families representative

South and south-west Las Vegas- perfect adjacency for young families

This area of South and South-west Las Vegas was a cowboy land until recent times. It was almost uninhabited. Although it’s been modernised even as we speak, you can still see a horse rider, using old-fashioned transportation. What makes it now so special is the view you can enjoy in. Peaceful nature is all around you. With apostrophe on the sunset, the most beautiful sight you might have experienced. Being that the prices for the condos and houses are very reasonable here, it is very popular for relocations. Especially for relocations of students and young families. Purchasing their first home.

The main amenities of these South and south-west Las Vegas adjacencies are open air shopping complex in the centre of the city, town square, restaurants and shops owned by families etc. Generally, this is the area of Las Vegas known for family businesses. Therefore an ideal place to start and raise a family, doing what you like, and living out of it.

Here you can see how does a sunset look like seen from south-west adjacencies of Las Vegas:

Primm, prime neighbourhood for all of Las Vegas moving people!

Las Vegas adjacencies

Primm- enjoy the nature of this Las Vegas suburb, and be very close to Las Vegas downtown

What makes us say this? Well, Primm is just some half hour away from Las Vegas downtown. For a passionate Las Vegas lovers, it is easy to get in the centre of the city and enjoy their life there. For those who dislike Las Vegas type of life, it is far enough to find one’s peace, living life on his/her own. Both groups of people would be satisfied to move to this Las Vegas neighbourhood.

The neighbourhood of Primm is surrounded by beautiful nature. There is Primm valley golf club where you may enjoy just sitting or walking through it, no matter if you are a golf fan, being that lakes and rivers cut the terrific grass, and it keeps on, seeming that never ends! Such a beautiful nature you probably didn’t see for a while. Also, there is the Prime course Desert,  with similar beauty as previously mentioned golf course.

You can see the Primm Valley Golf Club nature of Las Vegas Primm adjacency in the video below:

Having a good time in Las Vegas adjacency of  Primm is possible for different things. First, in case you want to eat out, there are various opportunities, from fast food to the finest restaurants. In case you want to party, Las Vegas is almost around the corner. Or you may enjoy some of the various happenings at Star of the desert arena.

An adult playground adjacency of Las Vegas to move to- The Strip

Las Vegas adjacency of the Strip- never ending party

Las Vegas neighbourhood with never ending party- the Strip!

Every man is an adult child. So claim the psychologists. The Strip is a neighbourhood where you may see how many children survived in hearts of adults! The entertainment options in this Las Vegas adjacency are endless. You can enjoy everything you might imagine. When one comes to Las Vegas, he/she imagines having the best time in their life. The Strip offers you that. And moving here would be like moving to never ending entertainment park. Kids love them, so you will love the Strip! It has everything. Every kind of gambling game you can imagine. Every hotel has a night club. The partying never ends!

The adjacency of the Strip is more recommended for relocation to younger people, and singles, rather than families. But, adding to that, we must say that it is also recommended for those people with families able to control themselves, no matter if they have families or even children. There is no problem in an adult having fun. The problem arises when you’re exaggerating in it.

Be responsible and act responsibly. No matter if you are a child locked in the body of an adult, you are still an adult. Responsible for your actions. Maybe responsible for your family, or your children. Don’t let the addiction make you or your dearest suffer. Nothing in this world is worth the tear of a child.

Here’s the video of the Las Vegas’ Strip neighbourhood nightlife:


  • South and South-West Las Vegas– Beautiful nature of the adjacency, and closeness to Las Vegas downtown
  • The Primm– The most famous Las Vegas neighbourhood for the golf courses. Nature there looks like heaven has just fallen on Earth
  • The Strip- Adult playground. Las Vegas adjacency of the Strip is the core of what is Las Vegas known for- gambling, partying and having all sorts of fun 24/7


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