Tips for moving abroad as a student

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Being a student is one of the most beautiful parts of your life and youth. It is also one of the most stressful ones, especially if you are studying abroad. It is a once in a lifetime opportunity and with good organization skills, and you can avoid most of the stress easily. We present you the most useful tips for moving abroad as a student that will make you sit on your airplane relaxed and excited about your new life.

Make a checklist

You usually make the decision to become an international student months before the actual move, hence, create a checklist and begin with preparations. Feel free to add things every time you remember that you should do something important. The checklist will help you with stay calm every time you get a panic attack and you will avoid the delays. Tick off the things that you have accomplished and focus on the following obligations that you have. Your checklist is your guide to successful moving abroad as a student. Let`s see what your checklist should consist of.

Documents for moving abroad as a student

Inform yourself about any deadlines for submitting and obtaining the necessary documents. This is just a formality and it should not stay in your way of moving abroad stress-free.


Depending on where is your University, you should obtain a visa and this can take some time. Be patient and start well in advance. Prepare yourself to visit the Embassy a few times before you are approved and make sure you have all the documents needed.


Even if you do not need a visa, the passport is essential when moving abroad. If your passport should expire within the 6 months period, it is time to take out a new one.

Health Insurance

Contact the University to see whether you will have the health insurance covered while staying abroad. The other option is for you to obtain the Health Insurance on your own. It comes in really handy when you are sick and one of the things that should be your priority.


Booking the tickets is also one of the things best done at least two months in advance. The tickets are usually cheaper and therefore, you will not have to worry whether you will take off on that particular day.

three USA passports

Check if your passport is valid and avoid stress

Find your new home

There are plenty of options to choose from regarding where are you going to live. Depending on your budget you can choose to live in a student residence, or in a shared flat, even studio apartments. Contact the University and ask whether they have student residency and what does it take to get it. It is pretty useful to live near your University as the people around you will have similar interests. Living alone while studying is an option, but it is certainly recommended that you have a roommate. Your costs will be lower and you will not feel lonely when away from your home and family. Make sure to ask for advice from the people who already studied there, as first-hand information is always the best.

Save money

Start saving money in advance as well. You do not want to worry whether you will have enough for all the documents, tickets, apartment and everyday things you will need. If you are not yet working, a part-time job can be a perfect solution for you. Here are some jobs that you can do:

  • Giving classes (online classes as well)
  • babysitting
  • blogging
  • online jobs are a great opportunity to work from your home
Saving money is great when moving abroad as a student

Saving money is great when moving abroad as a student


A few weeks before the actual move, start thinking about what will you pack. Studying abroad usually means that you will not be coming home for a whole semester or a year. With this in mind, you should pack pretty much your entire life in a suitcase. Packing can be divided into two categories: the things you will use every day and the things that you want to remind you of home.

Here is a list of the most important things you should bring with you:

  • documents
  • tickets
  • lap-top
  • phone numbers and addresses that you need
  • toiletries
  • pajamas
  • laundry
  • trousers
  • jackets
  • shoes (boots and sneakers, as well)
  • sweaters, t-shirts


While packing clothes, you should check the weather forecast for the country you will be moving to. If the climate is much different than in your current country of residence, you will know how to purchase clothes that will fit your needs.

What not to pack

When it comes to packing other things, the tip certainly is to choose wisely. The goal is to save space so that you can bring more of things you actually need. For example, photo albums can use a lot of space. It would be better to save your photos on your computer. Regarding the cosmetics that you use, check whether the same exists in your future town. If you can obtain it there, just bring the supplies for the next week or two. Books and souvenirs from your travels are best left behind. Books can be bought or ordered online, and most importantly you can have them in your Kindle or on your computer. This trick will save you plenty of space while moving abroad as a student. Regarding souvenirs or mementos, choose your favorite one or two and bring them with you.

Arrive before your classes begin

Buy a ticket and arrange the apartment to be ready before your classes actually begin. Arriving at least two or three days before will give you just enough time to get through the jet-lag, unpack, adjust to your new surrounding and meet new people. Most importantly, you can visit your University and get a glimpse of your future life.

two woman standing beside woman sitting in front of table

Say goodbye to your friends by throwing a party, you will remember this for a long time


Say goodbye to your friends

The last thing on your list is to throw a goodbye party. Moving abroad as a student means that you will not see your friends for a while. Gather your friends and enjoy their company. You will remember this for a long time and you will not feel sorry for not having said a proper goodbye to your friends. Cherish the memories that you have with them and be excited because many more great memories are on their way to you. Good luck!

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