How to pack and organize your storage unit

By August 14, 2019Moving to Las Vegas

Having a storage unit is a great idea. Especially when you are moving, or you have some spare items you can’t keep at your home or office. So, after you choose an ideal storage unit, it’s time to pack. However, ‘moving in’ a storage unit is not just simply putting boxes and furniture randomly around the unit. If you want to keep your items safe and easy to find at any occasion, your storage unit needs to be tidy and organized. That’s why we prepared some tips on how to pack and organize your storage unit easily and efficiently.

moving boxes to pack and organize your storage unit

Be sure to pack and organize your storage unit efficiently so you can easily access it any time

Know exactly what you are packing

Even when you find safe storage units in NYC, it’s important to know what exactly you put inside. As you are packing your boxes, be sure to write an inventory list, and also label each box with its content. This list can come in handy when you want to find an item after some time. Most importantly, in case of a flood or fire, you’ll have your list ready for the insurance claim.

Pack the items wisely

To protect your items from breaking or weather conditions, be sure to pack and organize your storage unit wisely. Put as many items as possible inside the moving boxes. Also, be sure to pack the boxes safely – put the heavier items at the bottom and lighter at the top of the box.  Furthermore, don’t overpack the boxes to make them too heavy, but leave some space inside. To prevent the items from breaking, fill that free space with crumpled packing paper or some other packing protection. When packing your items in boxes, don’t forget to :

  • Use boxes of similar sizes. It will be easier to stack them is you use boxes of one or two different sizes.
  • Avoid plastic bags. Even though plastic bags are the easiest way to pack some items, they are actually not a good idea for the storage unit because of mildew and mold.
  • Protect the fragile items by padding them with soft carton and packing paper.
fragile box warning

Fragile items need to be protected when you pack and organize your storage unit

Pack and organize your storage unit efficiently

The reason you should pack and organize your storage unit efficiently is to have easy access when you need them later on. That’s why, when organizing the boxes and furniture, be sure to:

  • Put the heaviest and biggest items first. This way, those will be in the back so you can easily reach some smaller boxes.
  • Leave some space between the boxes. Don’t just put the boxes randomly so you can reach anything. Leave some space between the piles so you can reach even the back of your storage unit.
  • Raise the boxes and other items on pallets. This way they will be safe from water if a flood happens, but also bugs and rats.
  • use shelves – if you put some boxes on shelves, you will have more space on the ground.
  • don’t put anything wet inside your storage box – you want to avoid mildew, mold, etc.
  • Dismantle the furniture. If you dismantle bulky pieces of furniture, you can save a lot of space but also protect them from damage.
pack and organize your storage unit

Be sure to pack and organize your storage unit in the way you can always access and reach any box or item you need

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