How to pack and move basement when relocating to Vegas

By February 13, 2017Moving to Las Vegas

We mentioned basement, but the same tips we’ll mention here you may use for the attic. Or for the garage. Being that the furniture or the items are mostly the same for those rooms too. Therefore, this article is useful for you, no matter what you are moving from rooms outside of your everyday living area. Don’t underestimate this matter. In case you have valuable items to move. That’s why you must take the same kind of precaution as when moving your home. And we’ll give you some tips, so you could easier pack and move basement when relocating to Vegas. We suggest reading this article way before you start the whole moving to the Strip process. That way you’ll be able to acquire everything you don’t own, and you need for the packing the items from your basement.

Pack and move basement when relocating to Vegas- know-how

Learn how to pack and move basement when relocating to Vegas

Everything you should know about how to pack and move basement when relocating to Vegas

Precaution comes first when moving your basement during migration to Las Vegas 

  • Separate what you must have and what you don’t need after moving your basement to Vegas
  • Check if any item is broken or damaged, and therefore not useful anymore
  • Organise the items for packing and put those to be packed together at the same place.

We suggest you do all of the aforementioned before you start the packing. That way you’ll have the exact information about how much space you need for transportation of your basement. The reason we say this is that there is a chance that the moving company’s truck isn’t big enough for anything else but your home items. And therefore the professional Las Vegas packer&mover should have that info in advance. So they could provide an additional moving vehicle for the rest of your stuff from the basement (or attic or garage) and move them to Vegas.

Pack your basement prior to Las Vegas moving day

Pack your basement before the Las Vegas moving day

Pack your items and furniture before the day set for your basement transportation to Vegas

After you decided what’s moving and what’s not, and put together everything to be packed in the same boxes- it’s time for the packing. We advise you to pack by yourself. Because you’ll save the money, and it’s not too difficult for you. But we do warn you in advance. First, check if you are able to pack everything. Some things might need to be disassembled in advance (such as some kinds of furniture), so they could fit in the truck. Therefore first check if you know how to do that. If not, consider hiring a professional mover to do that too. Or to give you a hand.

Also, check what kind of items are forbidden to be transported. This is the kind of question that you may ask your professional home relocating company too. They need to know these kinds of stuff. Only after you found out how, and what you may transport, you should start the packing process. And we suggest you do that before the moving day comes. So, here are the supplies you need to pack and move basement when relocating to Vegas:

  • Packing boxes- For smaller basement items fitting there
  • Packing tape- Helps you seal previously packed items, so they wouldn’t unpack during the relocation
  • Covering materials- If you own furniture or items in your basement that you don’t want to get dirty during the transportation you should cover them with blankets or nylon.
  • Wrapping material- To enwrap the kind of items you’re able to transport, but shouldn’t be spilt all around and damage the rest of items (such as the paint or the oil for example)

Prepare your future basement or storage to place your basement items after moving to the Sin City

Organisation is the most important after you relocated your basement to the Strip

Organise your items and your new basement, after you move to Las Vegas

After you do all the necessities about the packing and moving your cellar to the Strip, you need only to transport it. And that’s the job for the Las Vegas home moving company you hired. Therefore, you need to prepare the future basement for placing your items and furniture there. That’s another reason why we suggested to pack the stuff from previous home before you transport them to your new Las Vegas home.

That way, you’ll be able to have enough time for preparing your future place to put your items there. And you’ll also have the exact information how much space you need vs how much space is available. So you could get rid of something that eventually doesn’t fit the new basement. Or to find a storage and store it there, if it’s too valuable for you to lose it. Be wise and consider everything you need to do to pack and move basement when relocating to Vegas. When you’re moving to the Sin City, move there with a style!

Be cautious when unpacking your items when you finished the migration to Vegas

If you took our advice and decided to pack and unpack by yourself, be careful. Especially be careful when unpacking items. Most of the people think that all the job is done once they moved to their new Vegas home. But it is so wrong. It leads to becoming careless. And being careless is the last thing you want while unpacking. You really want to damage your basement items or furniture, after you packed and transported them to Las Vegas without any breakage? You probably don’t, so add to your caution and do that carefully. Only after you did the unpacking and placing the items in your new Vegas basement, you may relax. And do have a beer or two. You deserved it if you made to pack and move basement when relocating to Vegas with a complete absence of problems.

Here’s a video how to choose what items to move, and how to organise them after you moved them to your new Vegas basement:

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