Moving to Las Vegas with a Family

By April 24, 2017Moving to Las Vegas

Are you just starting a family in Las Vegas or moving to Las Vegas with a family you already have? Knowing which neighborhood in Las Vegas to move to will depend on your housing budget, schools, commute, and family-friendly amenities. All these play an important role in determining which area in Vegas makes the most sense for you and your family to move to. In this article, we will take a look at certain factors which determine whether Las Vegas is the right place to move with a family.

Those moving to Las Vegas with a family will usually find articles that Vegas has a poor educational system and that they should be prepared to spend a lot of money for either a private school or move to a neighborhood with a decent school. The party atmosphere and the fast buck culture can warp a kid if the parents don’t get a hold of the kid and show them there is the world outside of the resorts and strip clubs. Although Las Vegas may not seem like such a great place to raise kids, there are great places once you get away from the Vegas Strip and all the casinos.

Raising kids in Las Vegas - Moving to Las Vegas with a family

Moving to Las Vegas with a family- raising kids in Las Vegas

Important arguments for those moving to Las Vegas with a family

You as a parent will have to really pay attention and really work hard to combat the messages these kids will get regarding the casino and entertainment industry – it will be tempting for them to forgo higher education or vocational training to get a job in the casino industry with just a high school diploma. People can make good money doing mundane jobs like tending bar or waitressing to questionable jobs like working in a strip club (not all of them are dodgy, so the image is a glamorous one, especially to very young women who want to work as entertainers).

Las Vegas Neighborhoods for Kids

Las Vegas’ school system has struggled to keep up with the city’s growing population. Salaries for teachers are low, space is at a premium and many schools are under-resourced. If you have school-age kids this may be a big factor in your decision about which Las Vegas neighborhood to choose from.

Vegas is more than just THe Strip, for those moving to Las Vegas with a family to know

Those moving to Las Vegas with a family should know that Vegas is more than just The Strip

The city of Las Vegas only has one school district, Clark County. The city makes it easy for you to research the academic performance and accountability results. The reports by the Clark County School District include not only public schools but also charter schools. You should also review the state’s report by the Nevada Department of Education (NDE) to make an even more informed decision. Las Vegas is also known for having a healthy homeschool network.

Another factor is that Las Vegas does not have many hangout spots specifically for teens. Most movie theaters are attached to casinos, which have curfews, and there are not a lot of all-ages clubs.

The Best Las Vegas School Districts

School districts and neighborhoods usually go hand-in-hand. The best Las Vegas neighborhoods for families is Henderson, which is one of the most popular neighborhoods for young families. Once considered a suburb of Las Vegas, Henderson is now its own community. Both cities are in the same county, with Henderson located just south of Vegas. Living in Henderson can feel separate enough from the Las Vegas environment to be safe for children, yet you’re close enough to Vegas. Summerlin is probably the nicest community you could ever raise your children in.

A child is highly influenced by the place in which they live in, although their peers are equally important, as well as the types of programs they can engage in. The quality of life is determined by various factors dependant where you move with your family. You need to think about the affordability of daycare and health insurance when moving to Las Vegas with a family. Especially when you have children. While Nevada isn’t near the bottom of average high-school test scores, Nevada has the third highest child care costs in relationship to the median family income.

Why is Moving To Las Vegas Great For Families

Las Vegas is a great place for families

Las Vegas is a great place for families

Most visitors tend to assume that Vegas is just an all year round party town, but real families do live in Vegas and they love it. Las Vegas is actually home to 68 parks and 123 playgrounds, making it easy to find a spot for the whole family to enjoy, minus the tourists. Aside from all the playgrounds, Las Vegas also seems to put a heavy emphasis on providing sports for the kids.

Not only does this city have 23 softball fields, 10 football fields, 44 soccer fields, 109 skate parks, and 6 swimming pools, there are also tons of different leagues around the city providing kids with a healthy competitive atmosphere. Like any other large city, Las Vegas has plenty of special programs that specifically target families.

The second you step outside of the city, there are tons of cool natural attractions perfect for families. With mountains and desert hills in the surrounding areas, it’s easy to spend the day camping, biking, and hiking. Las Vegas is also close to Lake Mead, the perfect spot to cool off in the water on the hotter days of the year.

In summary, Las Vegas has plenty of areas that are each unique in their own way allowing residents to find the perfect fit for their lifestyle. ‘’Sin city’’ or the “entertainment capital of the world”, apart from being known as the city of slot machines and 24-hour strip clubs, Las Vegas has a tendency to attract all sorts of special sporting events that kids will surely love, from college basketball games to fight nights and huge monster truck rallies.  Hence, it is good enough for those of you moving to Las Vegas with a family.

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