Moving to LV as a young professional

Being young in today’s world is tough. Especially if you are not happy with your current place of living. When you start looking what to do to make your life better moving to LV seems to be a smart decision. The glamour. The overnight success. The hustle and bustle of show business and gambling. If the American dream is alive anywhere, it must be there. But there are, as always, thighs to consider before moving to the Sin City.

Low cost

Housing in Las Vegas is relatively cheap, compared to other American cities. That makes it a really good starting point for young people with big ideas and small wallets. If you are not sure about how long you will be living in Las Vegas, renting is a good idea. Studio in Las Vegas will cost you, on average, $877. A one bedroom will cost around $780 a month. Two bedrooms? $970 per month. Add to that $180 for utilities and $48 for the internet. Food will be around $353 per month and bus fare $65 per month. All of that sums up to $1,523, which is a nice monthly price for starting a life. Remember, Las Vegas has no income tax which makes it a great place for young people with great startup ideas. But again, be wise when spending money.

Starting a business

If you already have a business and have decided to move it to Las Vegas bee mindful. Having no income tax is a good incentive, but remember other people know this too. The competition will be fierce. Also when moving, you should consider careful planning and hire a reliable company. From moving office supplies to relocating necessary technology, you will need all the help you can get. If, on the other hand, you are starting a business in Las Vegas, think hard on what kind of a business you want to start. Las Vegas thrives on entertainment and tourism. Consider making your impact on one of those two branches of work. Combining them would be ideal. Although, IT is always a safe bet in this day and age. Don’t expect that your business will earn you money right away. Overnight success is possible, especially in Las Vegas, but is usually made of a lot of sleepless nights.

Pick a neighborhood

When moving to LV, consider the neighborhood you will be living in. It may seem that the whole city is just Casinos and theaters, but no. There are neighborhoods more suited for family people, for young couples and for singles. Some give easy access to the Las Vegas nightlife with its Casinos and fine dining. While others give a more calm and tranquil environment better suited for recharging your batteries. Find out what you need in order to pick the right community. Also, keep in mind the high diversity of people that live in Las Vegas.  Choosing the right neighborhood is essential. Personal preferences are always a factor, but top neighborhoods for single people seem to be:

  • Downtown Summerlin
  • Downtown near Arts District
  • Handerson
  • Downtown near Container Park

Get a car

Considering the size of the city, Las Vegas is very car friendly. The parking spaces are numerous and well spread out.

The city was built with cars in mind to accommodate numerous tourists so there aren’t traffic jams that you can see in other big towns such as New York or Chicago. Also, having a car gives you a great amount of mobility that you will need as a young professional. You can try relying on public transportation, but if possible avoid it. Come summer, you will see that an air-conditioned car is your best friend.
Car in nature

LV isn’t for everybody.

Is moving to LV for you?

This is an important question that you must ask yourself. The glamour and the class of Las Vegas might be seductive, but be smart about it.

Las Vegas at night

Are you dreaming about moving to LV?

Questions you should ask yourself are:

  • Why am I moving to LV?
  • Is Las Vegas the right place for my business?
  • Can some other place have more opportunities for me?

Setting your priorities straight is a must. Always remember why you are moving to LV. If you are just looking for a fun time, great. Bu then comes as a tourist. Don’t move your life here and start spending all of your time and money on all the fun activities. If you do, you will soon find yourself broke. Also, consider how long you will stay in Las Vegas. If it’s for a short period, renting is a smart choice. But if you think you are settled, consider buying a place as soon as possible. Investing rent money into paying off your home is a good long-term solution. Buying a house in Las Vegas should also be a careful consideration. The housing market in Las Vegas has had its ups and downs but is currently experiencing notable growth. Weather in Las Vegas tends to be hot. It is in the middle of a desert after all. During the summer months its no surprise to see a lot of people being away on holidays, which should be a smart consideration on your part. Best way to survive Las Vegas summer heat is to just not be there when it happens.

You are young and ambitious. Enjoy Las Vegas. It’s true that whatever happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. Just don’t lat that is your money and dreams.

Moving to Las Vegas

Welcome to Las Vegas

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