How to move your office supplies to Las Vegas

By March 7, 2018Moving to Las Vegas

Moving a business from one place to another is always an immense task. Nevada is a friendly environment for businesses. It has no personal or corporate income tax, no franchise tax and no unitary tax. However, before you actually start doing business, you have to move your office supplies to Las Vegas. Here’s how you do it.

How to move your office supplies to Las Vegas

How to move your office supplies to Las Vegas

1. Do away with things you don’t need

There may be stuff you don’t really need, or do not want to move. For example, your old printers. They’re too sensitive to move across several states. And, to be fair, you were planning on buying new ones anyway. An ideal solution is to donate them to a registered charity organization. This means that, under federal law, you can get a tax deduction depending on how much your printers are worth. This applies to other items too. The value that translates to tax deduction is equal to the fair market value of those items.

2. Hire a reliable moving company to move your office supplies to Las Vegas

On a general note, you should plan your move to Las Vegas long before the actual moving day. Part of this planning includes researching moving companies in your area and beyond – which ones will offer the best service for the lowest price? You should keep in mind, however, that sometimes you just have to give some additional cash to better protect your valuables. One notable example are your electronic devices. You should wrap each monitor into a blanket and fasten it with duct tape. The company will not assume any responsibility if it breaks and bumpy roads can easily destroy monitors and even hard drives containing precious data!

3. If possible, insure your belongings

You will entrust your moving company with some really valuable stuff. Getting an insurance is nothing more than common sense at this point. This means that in the worst-case scenario, you will at least get some compensation. You should also discuss the company’s insurance and customer protection policy before moving. If you find anything suspicious, do not hesitate to cancel  the discussion.

4. Tag everything you have

It might seem small or insignificant, but it is a cautionary measure that will help both you and your moving company. Simply speaking, a company won’t move any items that you haven’t tagged. Make sure you tag every single item – cables, hardware, furniture. Also make sure that you only use tags that your moving company gives you. To have the company move your office supplies to Las Vegas, you have to tag them in visible locations, such as:

  • Tag bookcases on top;
  • When tagging chairs, place tags on the back rest;
  • You should tag tables and desks right on top;
  • Tag boxes on the ends.

The employees of the moving company will know how to place your items according to your tags. That is why it is so important to tag absolutely everything you don’t want to part ways with.

5. Clean your office before moving

This will help you in the long run. If you clean your office and keep it in order until the moving day, it will help the company by a long shot. Do you have any old files that you no longer need? Off to the garbage can! Do you have any furniture that’s in a bad shape, so you can’t donate it or scrap it? Do away with it as soon as you can. What you want to do is to leave as little as possible for the company to haul into their trucks. This is because the prices will be lower, and so will the insurance. Not to mention that a clean working space is in good taste!

Always keep your office in order before you move your office supplies to Last Vegas

Always keep your office in order before you move your office supplies to Last Vegas.

6. Moving offers new creative opportunities

When you move your office supplies to Las Vegas, you get a new creative outlet. You will be able to arrange your new office space and give it a new look. This is not just another PR perk, however. You can make your office more interesting for your employees and yourself. This largely depends on type of customers you want to attract. For example, if your clients are primarily young people, you can add vibrant colors. There are fun ways to experiment with how your office looks – just ask and office design agency for advice.

When you move your office supplies to Las Vegas, make sure the new workspace is also clean.

Make sure the workspace is squiky clean before you move your office supplies to Las Vegas.

7. Move some of the supplies yourself

This mostly applies to valuables: awards, trophies, mementos, pictures, etc. You will want to pack these and carry them by yourself to your new office. These are mostly small things, so you will not need to worry about the space in your car. Even though you are transporting them yourself, you should still take precautions. Putting them in separate boxes, and, if needed, wrapping them in old socks, blankets or something else will help you a great deal along the way.

8. Notify your clientelle

You have been a part of the community before you decided to move your office supplies to Las Vegas. This means that a lot of people used to count on you before you made your choice to move. You should always inform your (former) clients that your company is going to another place. Make sure you tell them the reason. They know this isn’t an easy decision to make, especially if you’re moving somewhere far away. They will no longer be able to reach your services, so you owe them one last farewell before you embark into a new, uncertain future.

Moving someplace away is a stressful, difficult thing for a person to handle, let alone a company. The difficulties you will experience, however, mean a new opportunity. A new workplace can do wonders for a person’s psychology.  Moving to Las Vegas means that your company will receive a business-friendly environment, relatively free from the interference of the state. Use it to your advantage, but do not forget to take some time off to absorb a whole new world into your mind.

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