Moving your business to Brooklyn

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So you have decided to move your business and this really is a big decision. There is a lot of planning you should do so that everything goes smoothly. Moving your business to Brooklyn is a great idea for so many reasons. This NYC borough offers a great business market and a variety of opportunities. First of all, you should find the best Brooklyn movers and storage space because moving your office is one of the most important tasks.  We will also give you some tips on how to move your business in an easy and efficient way.

moving your business office

You should be organized and plan ahead when moving your office

Tips for moving your business efficiently

Moving your business and your office is not an easy task. It can be quite stressful and overwhelming if you don’t plan and organize everything in time. You will have to make a lot of plans and big decisions but we are here to help. We will give you some tips on moving your business in an easy and efficient way.

Hire your movers on time

If you are planning on hiring a moving company you should do it in time. Do not wait until the last minute. Try to find the best and the most affordable NYC moving quotes  you can get. And when you find your best movers make sure to book their services one or two months before your move. If you want their packing services as well be sure to prepare everything you want them to pack. That means that you should get rid of all of the unnecessary things and supplies. Don’t forget to take everything out of your fridge and to empty all of the trashcans and drawers.

Donate everything you don’t need

Donating is a great way to get rid of everything you do not need anymore. You probably have some PCs, copy machines and even office supplies you are not planning to move to your new office. If you give them to charity you will be in a win-win situation. You will get a tax break which is great for your business and your company. On the other hand, you will have gotten rid of all of the unnecessary things and still get to feel humane and charitable.

Start your packing in time

Maybe you have decided to pack your office by yourself to save some money. This is a tough choice because you will have a lot to do. On the other hand, it is a good idea because you will have control over the packing process. Most people think that they can finish packing an office in a couple of days, but do not be that gullible. You will need up to two weeks to prepare and pack everything.  We know that everything about Las Vegas is pricey, so here is a tip on saving money. You can buy used cardboard boxes which are extremely cheap and use them to pack all of your supplies.

moving business office

Start packing your office in time

Don’t forget to label and mark your boxes

If you are packing boxes or preparing them for the movers you should label them appropriately. Be sure to write what is in the boxes so that your movers will know what they are carrying. This step will make unpacking and installing your new office much easier. You are saving time and making a smart move. When moving your business you should be extra careful when it comes to packing computers and computer cables. Remove all of the cables from the computers and put them into zip-locked bags. Labeling is a lifesaver here too. You should label all of the bags so that you know which cable belongs to which computer.

Be careful when packing computers and electronics

Computers and especially computer monitors are very delicate and sensitive so you should be extra careful when packing them. You should use moving blankets. First, wrap your computer monitors in moving blankets separately and then secure them with tape. You should never put one wrapped computer onto another.Use different boxes for each. Don’t forget to preserve your data. You can buy and use a removable hard drive or store your data on iDrive or iCloud. Printers, FAX machines, and copiers should also be handled with care. For example, you should first remove the cartridge from your printers and then put tape over scanner lids and covers.

moving computer

The careful when moving computer monitors and electronics

Assess the budget and get insurance

Moving your business is not a cheap endeavor so you should plan everything out in a financial sense. You should assess your budget and make a financial plan. Make sure you know how much you will pay for the move, renting your office, new furniture, a decorator. You will have to calculate your costs to see if everything fits the budget plan. An important thing is an insurance coverage. Ask your moving company about insurance coverage that will protect your possessions and belongings. Check if the movers offer insurance. They should have insurance coverage provided by their company. If they don’t and you hire them you will be liable if some kind of an accident happens to them.

office checklist

Make a checklist you can follow when moving your business

You should update your contact information

After moving your business the location will change from Las Vegas to Brooklyn and you should update your contact information. You should change your address on your website, business cards, and stationery. First of all, you should update your website address. That is the easiest step. Try to search your company online after that to make sure that the new contact details match. Make sure to inform your bank, creditors and business clients about the change. And last but not least, make a checklist. Before you start planning anything be sure that you have a checklist to follow during the moving process. Include all of the important things you might forget on the checklist. It should include

  • Tasks you should do in advance
  • All of the supplies that you will need
  • A plan for unpacking after the move
  • Check if the phones and the Internet are working in the new space
  • Did you get all of the necessary permits

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