Moving from Nevada to Hong Kong with kids – 3 steps to follow

By February 4, 2022Moving from Las Vegas

Even if you are just thinking about moving to Hong Kong you already made a big step. China and Hong Kong are quite different from the US. Holidays, traditions, culture, and people are quite different from any part of the world. That said it is important to know that Hing Kong is a diverse city that is welcoming. As such it is a city that is not too difficult to adapt to. However, if you are from the US and moving from Nevada to Hong Kong you still must make some preparations. You should also learn a thing or two well in advance.

Things to know

There are at least 3 things to know when moving to Hong Kong. It is important to prepare for the move in advance especially if you are moving with children. Besides getting help from that provide expert moving assistance there is more you should take care of. So here are 3 steps to follow:

  • Apply for a visa
  • Get IDs a bank account and other papers
  • Research your neighborhood and look for schools.

Apply for a visa

Before starting the process of moving from Nevada to Hong Kong you must apply for a visa. Make sure that you have the right and complete paperwork for getting a visa. These are some of the things that are crucial for your international relocation. This will save you the trouble that you can have later. Although some people have the option of staying for up to 180 days without a visa you should prepare the papers to be on the safe side. You may apply for a working, a dependent visa for your children, and a visa for a trailing spouse.

Woman looking at a passport
Make sure that you have your paperwork ready

Get IDs, a bank account and other papers

If you plan on staying in Hong Kong for a longer period of time you must get an ID. Even the children from age 11 must have an ID. So make sure to prepare your passport, valid visas and make n appointment online with the Immigration Office. If everything is in order, you can get an ID without too much trouble. Next, think about setting up a bank account and also getting a mobile phone as well as a debit card for many of the public services in Hong Kong. These things will help you get connected and make it easier to maneuver around Hong Kong.

Research your neighborhood and look for schools

You should consider your living options well before moving. Hong Kong is quite expensive so do proper research and consider every option. However, there is an abundance of options also you are sure to find what you need and can afford. Until you find the right place make sure to find a secure facility for your items you are moving to Hong Kong. Research local movers and storage services that will meet your needs. When moving with kids also research international schools in Hong Kong. There are plenty of options to choose from. From kindergarten to high school there are many options. The key is to start looking even before you start your moving process to HK so you have the final option ready on time.

Hong Kong neighborhood make sure you research it before Moving from Nevada to Hong Kong
Get to know your surrounding’s to adapt more easily

Prepare on time for an international move

It is clear that moving from Nevada to Hong Kong is not that difficult. It’s only a matter of preparing in advance and finding the right movers. There are many things to know about this move but there are these 3 that are key. After resolving these issues your move should be easy and smooth.

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