Moving from Nevada to Arizona

By March 26, 2019Moving from Las Vegas

If you are looking for a big change in your life, relocation is a great way to freshen things up. Living in Nevada, especially in Las Vegas is brings thrilling but also an exhausting lifestyle. Hence, it is perfectly understandable that you need something different for a change. Although you will probably miss shining lights of Las Vegas, moving from Nevada to Arizona has many advantages, let’s give it some thought.

Visit first

Seeing the city with your own eyes before the move is always a good idea if you have a chance. In fact, that visit could be an ideal opportunity for a vacation. For example, if you decide to move to Florence, AZ, there will be a variety of activities to enjoy there. Arizona is a very diverse state with a huge difference between north and south. Hence, you shouldn’t choose a city or town to live looking only at the revises of locals and photos. It is crucial to spend some time in the city and feel its atmosphere. The more time you spend there, the better you will understand if it feels like home and it may be your final destination.

Leaving Las Vegas shinning streets and moving from Nevada to Arizona

Although you might miss shinning lights of Las Vegas, the advantages of moving to Arizona are many

Find movers you can rely on

Interstate moving is always a challenge, hence, it is very important to have professional assistance while planning it. Because organizing everything by yourself is not just risky, but also time-consuming, too expensive and very stress-full.  On the other hand, when you choose the right moving assistance option, it will include several necessary services for a rather reasonable cost. Try to find a dependable moving company that specializes in moving between these states and have already plenty of experience doing it as well as the recognition of other clients. Beside the online research, you should also ask around for any referrals. Because nothing beats a personal recommendation.

Advantages of moving from Nevada to Arizona

Luckily for you, you are definitely not the only one moving from Nevada to Arizona. This relocation brings a lot of advantages, and many people have done it already. Thanks to their experience, we have made a list of advantages that might interest you.

Cost of living

Once you compare the average cost of living in, for example, Phoenix, Arizona, and Las Vegas, Nevada you can see that it is cheaper to live in Arizona. Housing is certainly the main component of the cost of living, and it is definitely cheaper in Arizona. It’s the same situation with utilities, transportation costs, food and groceries and costs of buying a home. And the main advantage for the Arizonans is a relatively small difference in the average monthly salary. Hence, if Las Vegas living costs were too high for you, you can relax now. You will definitely manage to save more money when moving from Nevada to Arizona. The only thing that is a bit more expensive in Arizona is health care.

Job opportunities

If you are looking for a job in Arizona, we have some good news for you. It is practically impossible not to find it, since the unemployment rate is lower than in Nevada and there are many job openings every day, in different industries. Also, future job growth looks more promising in Arizona, so you have nothing to worry about.

Buying a home

If you ever thought of buying a house in Las Vegas, you know how high the prices are and how tight the market is. Fortunately, home prices in Arizona are drastically lower and much more affordable.  There is also a significant difference in the price per square meter if you are planning to buy an apartment. A square meter of the flat in the center will cost you much less than in Nevada. Therefore, moving from Nevada to Arizona can be also an opportunity to have a home of your own.

River surrounding the huge rock

Outdoor enthusiasts will enjoy the famous Horseshoe Bend, Arizona

Paradise for outdoor enthusiasts

An iconic landscape of Arizona includes plains, deserts, canyons, and mountains. This beautiful scenery in combination with warm and sunny weather allows outdoor enthusiasts to enjoy a variety of outdoor activities here. Nowadays, the most popular leisure activity among Arizonians is hiking. Beside that, you can also enjoy mountain biking, rafting, off-riding, floating, hot-air ballooning, horse riding, and even skydiving. Additionally, Phoenix is home to multiple golf courses and several major professional sports too.

Lower drivers license and insurance cost

Most noteworthy, if you have arrived in Arizona with a driver’s license obtained in another state, you should get the local document and obtain a car registration for the vehicle. And if you want to get a new driver’s license, it will not cost you much. The most expensive one is for people aged between 16 and 39, and it’s still much cheaper than in Nevada. Furthermore, the older you are, the cheaper it will be. Also, car insurance is also much cheaper in Arizona than in Nevada.

Great education

Amazingly, public schools of Arizona include over 666 school districts. In comparison with the state neighbors, there are much more students here. Furthermore, parents spend here the smallest amount of money on their school kids as well, which is great news whether you are a student or a parent. Beside these regular schools, you can also send your child to a prestigious charter and magnet schools. And for higher education, you will have 85 colleges and universities at your disposal.

Amazing food

You will be glad to hear that there is a vibrant restaurant scene in Arizona as well. It ranges from a standard US cuisine and has a Spanish and Mexican influence. So beside the standard food, you get to enjoy burritos, chimichangas, margaritas, and tacos.

We really hope that moving from Nevada to Arizona will bring you everything you hope for and more. Enjoy the new chapter of your life and we wish you happy moving!

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