Moving from Las Vegas, NV to Las Vegas, NM – key differences to prepare for

Moving from a wild city that never sleeps to one that is much quieter, can be difficult at first. There are many key differences to prepare for, and you must know them. Moving from Las Vegas, NV to Las Vegas, NM can be tricky. Because these two cities share the same name, many assume they are similar. Well, it is quite the opposite. However, it doesn’t matter if you choose Las Vegas or some other city for your relocation. The process will be similar. Hiring movers is better than a DIY move, so be ready and prepare yourself.

The biggest difference is the liveliness

The key difference between these two is the liveliness. Having lived in Nevada’s Las Vegas, you are probably well used to the city that never sleeps. Well, be prepared to say goodbye to that, since Las Vegas in New Mexico is completely the opposite. You will have a peaceful and slow life, perfect for raising a family. Also, make sure that you include your children in moving preparations, it will be easier.

Sunset and beautiful landscape view over nature in NM.
When you are moving from Las Vegas, NV to Las Vegas, NM you need to be prepared for the change in liveliness.

When moving from Las Vegas, NV to Las Vegas, NM, prepare for the smaller population

Coming from a city that has 626,637 inhabitants, it can be a small shock to move to a city that only has 13,341. Unfortunately, one of the key differences between these two cities is the population growth. In Las Vegas, NV it is increasing yearly by 1.3%. In the other Las Vegas, however, the population has been steadily decreasing by 0.9% on a yearly basis. But, this doesn’t have to be a bad thing. You can look at it as the opportunity to have more space around you, and a calmer life and neighborhood.

One of the differences that are negative is the crime rate

There is only one disadvantage to moving to Las Vegas, NM. Believe it or not, the crime rate is much lower in Nevada’s Las Vegas, than in Las Vegas in New Mexico. In Nevada, the total crime rate in Las Vegas is 13 per 1,000 people. The violent crime rate is only 2, and the property crime rate is 10. All of these are much lower than the national average. On the other hand, the situation is not the same in New Mexico. The total crime rate is 42, which is much higher than the national average.

Architecture in Santa Fe, NM is one of the differences when you are moving from Las Vegas, NV to Las Vegas, NM
Just because they share the name, doesn’t mean they are the same cities.

When you are sure of your decision, you can start with the relocation from Las Vegas, NV to Las Vegas, NM

As you already know, moving from Las Vegas, NV to Las Vegas, NM is not for everyone. And because of that, you need to be really prepared. There are many differences to be ready for. If you plan on raising a family, Las Vegas in New Mexico has many advantages when compared to Las Vegas in Nevada. But, if you still think that’s early for you, you might want to stay where you are for now.

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