Tips for living with a roommate

By August 19, 2019Moving from Las Vegas

To create a good relationship with your roommate, you should be open for compromises and of course to choose a good roommate to live with you in LV, or any other city. Living with a roommate bring a lot of benefits. Lower cost of living is one of the main reasons for getting a roommate, especially in cities with high rents. Such as NYC, LV, San Francisco, etc. Getting along will bring you peace at the home, so be prepared.

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Find a roommate and be friendly

Be clear with expectations when living with a roommate

If you are just moved to a new city and do not have a roommate yet, meet people after the move and find yourself a roommate. Be clear about your expectation before you start living together. About cleaning, paying rent, having parties or diners, food, loud music, paying utilities, etc. Knowing everything in advance will make living together easier.

Solve problems immediately

The best ways to solve problems is when they are little. Of course, there will be a misunderstanding, but the key is to talk to each other and to work it out. If you do not love to share clothing or makeup, or you have to see dirty dishes in a sink, tell that immediately. Do not wait, because small problems can be huge.

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Set home rules immediately, and do it together

Respect roommate’s privacy

One of the biggest reasons for roommates conflict is not respecting the privacy and each other stuff. The rule is so simple. Do not touch roommates’ stuff without asking first and when you borrow something, turn it back.

Also, keep in mind to leave enough storage pace for him/her too. Moving with all your items is not an ideal situation. Prepare for the move by decluttering your home, and you won’t move unnecessary items.

Lock windows and doors in the apartment

You will lock all the windows and doors even if you are not living with a roommate. But, if you do, you should pay more attention. Why? If something got stolen, for example, your roommates’ tablet, how you will feel, or how your roommate will feel? You are both responsible for all the items in an apartment.

Don’t expect to be best friends

When preparing for moving and searching for a new home and a roommate, it may all seem like a dream or a movie. In movies, roommates are usually best friends, but in reality, it does not have to be a case. And it is o.k. Be friendly and open, but you do not have to be BFFs.

Be open to compromises

When living with a roommate, you should respect each other and each other wishes. Especially if he/she is not from the USA and have totally different lifestyle and religion. Try to learn something new and stay open to some changes too.


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