Las Vegas relocation guide for seniors

Moving after retirement is an option for most people because of many reasons. Moving to a smaller home, warmer cities, being closer to family, etc. Moving as a senior is harder than moving as a young person, carrying and packing items is for some seniors impossible and very dangerous. This is why we have Las Vegas relocation guide for seniors to make your relocation easier and safer.

Best places in LV for seniors

Las Vegas is one of the favorite cities for retires because of the hot weather and the city is always “live”. To plan senior relocation, first, choose a place to move to Some of the best places in the Las Vegas area for seniors are:

  • Winchester
  • Spring Valley
  • Whitney
  • Enterprise
  • Sunrise Manor
  • North Las Vegas
  • The Lakes
Las Vegas relocation guide for seniors.

Use a guide to help you move

Las Vegas relocation guide for seniors

Preparation is part of the moving process, especially you need to prepare and organize if you are a senior because you will probably need more help and more time to relocate. These are tips forĀ seniors moving to Las Vegas.

  • Decide is it time to move or you should wait a little longer? What are your reasons for moving and what benefits it will bring to you? Making a decision to move is often more difficult than the moving process.
  • When choosing a new home, you better choose a smaller home without stairs and other obstacles.
  • After deciding, make a plan for every step in advance. This step includes hiring moving assistance, considering renting a storage unit, asking kids for help with packing, etc. Help is essential at this point because you won’t be able to pack and move all the items by yourself. Start organizing by reading Las Vegas relocation guide for seniors and make one step at a time.
  • Most seniors are moving to a smaller home, so start downsizing. Even if you haven’t settled moving date, start early with decluttering your home and deciding what to take and what to toss.
  • Place items with emotional value (family photos for example) in a special box. You should keep a box with valuable items with yourself on a moving date.
  • Make sure your new home is ready for moving in. Not only to check water and electricity but also, hire a cleaning service before a moving day. Don’t clean your home by yourself, you can hurt your back or get other injuries. If you don’t want to hire professional cleaners, your kids can help you.
2 seniors walking.

Enjoy your golden years and to move to a place you have dreamed about


We created this Las Vegas relocation guide for seniors to help you prepare for an upcoming life event. The key is to ask for help. Las Vegas can offer a lot to seniors, it is not only a city for young people who want to have fun. Good luck with your relocation to Las Vegas or from Las Vegas, and enjoy your golden years.


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