How to handle disputes with movers

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What to do if you are not satisfied with the moving service? What if something went wrong? How to handle disputes with movers and what are the most common complaints clients have? Moving is not easy and sometimes things are not going according to plan. This why you must check a company and its reliability and experience. Avoid moving scams and hire the best company to minimize the risk of delays and mistakes.

Common complaints

Why people file complaints in the first place? What are the most common reasons? Perfection does not exist, even the best moving company can make a mistake, not on purpose.

A picture how to handle disputes with movers.

Before you hire any company, check them first. Don’t hire someone you cannot trust

Of course, chances are smaller if the company is reputable and reliable, but there is still a chance, we are only humans.

  • Delays and not arriving on time – this is the most common complaint, but in most cases, movers are not guilty. A traffic jam, searching for your home address, etc. If movers are late for 15-30 minutes, it is not a big deal, but if you are waiting for too long, it is unprofessional.
  • Overcharging for services – moving is not cheap, but on the other hand, it does not have to be too expensive. You can stillĀ save money on LV relocation and hire a moving company. If movers ask for more money (total costs should be written in the contract), don’t pay them.
  • Damaged or lost items during transportation – you won’t be first to handle disputes with movers about damaged items because it may happen, unfortunately.

Handle disputes with movers – tips

When something goes wrong during the moving process and a moving company is guilty, how to handle that situation? What to do?

  • First, read the contract and try to find your answers there. Read it carefully! When hiring quality movers, they will explain everything before you sign the contract. Every contract includes a deadline for complaints (usually it is 30 days after moving day).
  • Immediately after moving check if everything is there. Report damages and lost items as soon as possible, and insurance should cover it.
  • Be friendly with movers and don’t be angry. Solve the dispute and be calm, have an open talk and ask them for answers.
  • Write a complaint letter to a moving company you hired and explain what went wrong during the moving process.
  • Be patient, it is necessary. Keep in mind that a bad reputation and your bad review is not good for a company, so a reliable mover will do everything to solve the problem.
Leaving a feedback.

Before you leave a bad review of a company, try to solve a problem you have, accidents happen

You’re ready to go

Now when you know how to ensure a smooth relocation without stress, handle disputes with movers, and to work things up, you should be more relaxed, because everything can be fixed. Be prepared for every situation and just in case, make a plan B.

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