How to get organized when moving on short notice?

One of the things you have to realize about moving is – it’s definitely a complicated process. After all, you’ve got quite a lot of things to plan out and put into effect – and on short notice as well. That’s why you don’t want to rush things, and give yourself enough time for everything. Unfortunately – sometimes that’s just not possible. If you have to perform moving on short notice, expect to run into some difficulties. Not to worry, though – we’ve got a few tips on that!

Work on a schedule right away

Okay, let’s say that moving on short notice is a requirement for you. That’s not something you can do easily, as moving usually takes quite a lot of preparation. However, if you put your willpower to it – it’s not impossible. All you need to do is to start working on it right away; but not haphazardly. In fact, now more than ever – you have to remain organized. Only that way can you truly have a successful relocation on short notice. So, where to start? If you ask us, seeing as you’re dealing with a limited timeframe; you need to have a realistic schedule.

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Work out a schedule as soon as you’re able to!

So, take a seat, try to calm your nerves – and approach the issue of a tight deadline with a realistic mindset. First and foremost, find a quality moving company like Master Moving Guide. Then, start to think about all of the different things you have to do during the move, and how long they take. After that, assign them to a specific time according to that; try not to overwhelm yourself each day, but still be productive toward a good move. In the end, you’ll have a tight, but workable schedule; which is essential.

Figure out the logistics first

While moving on short notice, there’s one extremely crucial thing – setting your priorities straight. When you’re dealing with a tight deadline, let’s face it – you may not be able to do everything you’d like to. Or at least, not as well as you’d like to. Which is why you need to prioritize all the tasks related to the relocation. And the most important thing is taking care of the logistics as soon as possible. Try to get organized before you relocate, especially when it comes to these practicalities.

And don’t let the amount of stuff you need to do in a short timespan paralyze you; if you let the anxiety rule your actions, you’ll just end up doing nothing at all. So, take a chill pill, and start working on the most important moving logistics one by one. First of all, figure out if you’re going to hire movers. We definitely recommend doing that and not moving on your own, especially if its on short notice. If you try doing it all on your own in such a short amount of time, things will go awry.

Finding reliable movers

So, with that in mind – search for a good moving company which can handle moving on short notice. But bear in mind, you don’t have a lot of time to do extensive research on moving companies; as you usually would. At the same time, though, you want to hire someone reputable, but not too expensive. Plus, you’ll have to think about the moving company’s schedule as well. Depending on when you need to relocate during the given year, you may have trouble finding movers with a free slot to fit you in.

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Most people tend to move during the summer months!

For example, the warmer summer months are generally when most business in the moving industry occurs. That’s something you’ll have to consider as you plan the logistics of your move. But on the other hand, you shouldn’t go for the first moving company that has a free schedule. You should get at least a couple of quotes first, to make sure that you’re not getting “a rotten” deal. Yes, it may all seem like a lot to do on such short notice – but once you decide whether to move to Las Vegas or Miami and start organizing, it should all fall into place.

Be practical while packing for moving on short notice

All the chores related to moving can become a difficulty if you don’t approach them the right way. But among those, packing is the trickiest part if you’re not careful. And especially when you’re moving on short notice, people tend to overlook important stuff. Which is why we want to urge you not to underestimate packing – plenty of people who’ve moved have, to their detriment. For starters, even if you’ve got a short period to do it all in, you need to remain systematic. Start by making an inventory of all the things you’re going to move. This may take an entire afternoon, but it’ll save you time down the line.

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Sell or donate all the things you don’t need!

Are you done with that? Good! Now you can proceed to get rid of stuff you can’t or shouldn’t bring. Yes, that won’t be easy – we all get attached to our possessions. But when you’re about to attempt moving on short notice, you need to cut down on both time and costs, which means donating, selling, or throwing out things that don’t have a place in your new household. If you do this on time, and right – packing won’t be a hassle even for a long distance move. Just make sure you don’t take more stuff than you can realistically use.

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