Las Vegas vs Miami – where to move?

Both Las Vegas and Miami are wonderful. There are many things to see and a lot more things to do. Hot weather and smiling people everywhere. But how to choose between the two? How to pick the right place to move to? Not knowing where to move to is a common issue among the residents of the USA. Because there are a lot of good places to live in, it’s hard to make a choice but at some point, you will have to. So if you are thinking between the two cities, in this case, Las Vegas vs Miami, we are here to help you choose by stating some things you may or may not know already.

Why should you choose Miami when considering Las Vegas vs Miami?

Before you make the final decision concerning Las Vegas vs Miami dilemma, here is all you need to know about Miami.

1. The cost of living in Miami

Miami draws a lot of people because of the lower cost of living. For around $2,000 a month, you can rent an apartment in paradise, which is unheard of in most other resort cities. But not so fast. The annual salary can be a lot lower compared to that in other cities. Because the pay is so low, the rent has to be too.

Florida has zero percent state income tax. However, the job market still isn’t great in Miami and if you’re seriously thinking of moving there, one of your first steps should be finding a decent job. Only then can you start planning your move to Miami. Don’t forget that you might need some assistance for your local relocation so make sure you deal with that in the right time and not too late.

2. Miami Beaches

Miami beaches are really the way they look in the pictures. The water is clear and the sand is white. But the truth is, you might not use them as often as you think you will. These beaches are always crowded with tourists. You will visit them often during your first year there but later, you will try to avoid the beach as much as possible. Plus, going topless isn’t just legal in Miami. It’s pretty common and no big deal, so you will have to get used to that if you visit the beach often. And if you have children, you might find this problematic.

miami beach

Miami beaches are really the way they look in the pictures you see online.

3. Traffic

The traffic will have you fearing for your life most days. It’s wild. There is a lot of cars everywhere. It’s a busy city, so what would you expect? If moving in summer, expect to get stuck in one spot for a long time. The city is full at this time, so summer is the worst time to move to Miami.

4. Crazy nightlife

If you opt for Miami in Las Vegas vs Miami dilemma, you will be able to have fun and party without spending a lot of money. Then, we highly suggest contacting Pro Movers Miami right away. You will have the opportunity to go out and drink for reasonable prices in very nice bars and clubs. This kind of nightlife is very unique as it’s a mix of residents and tourists. The only place to move to have this kind of nightlife is Miami.

5. Crime in Miami

There are bad neighborhoods and sections that you’ll want to avoid. But there are good areas and family-friendly neighborhoods as well. Don’t listen to all the hyperbole about this city. Make sure you do plenty of research and visit the neighborhoods you’re interested in before moving to feel confident about your choice.

Why should you choose Las Vegas when considering Las Vegas vs Miami?

Explore the main facts about Las Vegas before you choose your new home location. What makes Las Vegas a more favorable option when considering Las Vegas vs Miami?

1. The cost of living in Las Vegas

When it comes to renting, apartments tend to range from $760 to $1,800, depending on which part of town you want to live in. And if you’re interested in buying a home, Las Vegas has taken longer than most cities to bounce back from the recession. So there are a lot of houses for sale at reasonable prices. The area is overbuilt. If you want a place to stay, you’ll find one in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas sign

The famous Las Vegas sign.

This is good for seniors who want to move to Las Vegas. We have to mention that there’s no sales tax either.

Due to the abundance of hotels, resorts, casinos, restaurants, bars, and tourist attractions, job seekers can find plenty of opportunities within the hospitality industry. But technology, global trade, health care, logistics, manufacturing, and financial services are also thriving at the moment.

The average monthly salary, after taxes, is around $3,000.

2. Traffic

Although taxis are actually still the most popular form of transportation in Las Vegas, many locals use ride-sharing options such as Uber and Lyft or drive their own cars. Warning: the average commute time is around 24 minutes. Plan on leaving at least half an hour early to get a place. But Miami is still worse than Las Vegas as far as traffic goes. You can easily move to Las Vegas in a day even though the traffic is so bad.

Las Vegas traffic

Traffic can get crazy in Las Vegas, too.

3. Lots of nightlife

If you want to party even on a Tuesday night, Vegas is the place for you. The cultural events are better now than in the past, but they are still very limited. There’s not much to do in the city itself unless you are a golfer. The original purpose of Las Vegas to provide homes for casino workers and later for retirees hasn’t changed much. The city hasn’t grown much beyond that.

 4. Las Vegas is very multicultural

Las Vegas is the most racially tolerant area in the state and one of the most tolerant in the nation. But Las Vegas is not for people with addiction problems. It allows you to drink and gamble 24–7. If you have any problems with these, you should not live here. Substance abuse isn’t an unknown quantity in Las Vegas.


You definitely need to take all of these into consideration when deciding Las Vegas vs Miami. Moving isn’t easy especially when you are moving across the country in search for something better. Hopefully, you will make the right choice.

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