Top East Coast Cities for Millennials

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It is not easy to find a new place to live and to move. Even not to millennials. They want to start a family and to work on a career. So, we have picked the best east coast cities for millennials in the USA where you, as millennial, can have it all. Eastern Seaboard can offer you a lot, you just need to explore it. 

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East Coast in America has a lot of beautiful cities, but only one is the best for you.

Methodology for choosing cities for millennials on the East Coast

Millennials are looking for good job opportunities, fun, and unique things, nightlife, etc. So, how did we choose the best cities on the east coast and what were the criteria?

  1. High chances to get a good job. Entry-level jobs are a major factor when deciding where to move on the east coast of the US.
  2. Time is very valuable so, time that is spent commuting is important. Because the less time you spend in commuting, you will have more time for hobbies or other items.
  3. Public transportation is important because not all millennials have a car because of the costs of having it and lack of packing. So, when we picked the east coast cities for millennials, these cities must have good public transportation. Trains, subways, and buses must be available and always on time.
  4. How many young people the city already have? The more it has, the better.
  5. Millennials love to go out on weekend and after work. So, the city must have a lot of different interesting places where to go.
A list of cities.

Cities we will recommend you have it all. They are affordable and the best for millennials.

The best East Coast cities for millennials

All of these cities we will recommend meet of the criteria. You just need to choose where do you want to live on the east coast of America. 

Man is reseaching the best east coast cities for millennials.

Think well and make the right choice and consider all the facts.

Providence, Rhode Island

An affordable city (the average rent is $920) which is to Boston and New York too. It is becoming a very popular city. A lot of academic institutions, restaurants, jobs, parks, clubs, Brown University, the University of Rhode Island, etc. If you were thinking to start your own business in Rode Island, Providence is just a place for that. Everything you want is easily accessible to you.

Durham, North Carolina

If you are searching for the best east coast cities for millennials in America, Durham in North Carolin is the one. The population is 252,000 and most people are renting a place because there are a lot of young professionals. The average rent is only $915. It is a very affordable city where you can get a great job or start a business there too.

Albany, New York

When people think about New York state, they mostly think about NYC, Wall Street, Manhattan. But, New York state also has other amazing cities where you can move. A median rent is about $890 and your neighbors will be mostly young people too, just like you. So, meet people after you move to Albany and start a new life.

Greenville, South Carolina

Not only big cities have enough to offer to millennials, but small towns also have too. With the population of 63,000, this city has it all for millennials and young professionals. Rent is very affordable and cheap, the average price is only $835. Explore this town in South Carolina visit it and do a research. Festivals, parks, art scene, bike-friendly…welcome to Greenville.

Jersey City, New Jersey

You should know some things about New Jersey before you move there. What’s to know before relocating to NJ? Jersey city has both family-friendly amenities and a good nightlife too. Most people are renting a place here and a median rent is $1,250. Visit this city and see what it has to offer you.

If you love small towns more than big ones, do not worry. New Jersey has it too. For example, Bayonne is a small place but it is a good place for millennials. Moving your home to Bayonne might be the best decision even if the population is about 65,800. But do not underestimate this amazing place for millennials in New Jersey. 

Boston, Massachusetts

Boston is an amazing city in Massachusetts. With a lot of interesting festivals, research universities, business centers, good nightlife, bars, shops, etc. Also, it is a good city for families on the east coast too. A population is about 660,000. Young professionals also choose this city because it can offer a lot. Most of the residents own a place and the median rent in Boston is $1,400.

Orlando, Florida

Orlando is becoming a Millennial home very fast. And it has a lot of reasons why a lot of people are moving to Florida.  The job market is growing and it has very affordable housing. Not to mention an amazing downtown with a lot of different people. Orlando deserves a name of one of the best east coast cities for millennials in Florida. Orlando invests a lot of money on millennials and the future. You can see it in the performing arts center, sports venues, new restaurants, public transportation, bike stations, and the lists go on and on.

If you want to move to one of the top east coast cities for millennials, you will make the right decision. But, only if you do your research. We hope that we helped you with these ideas where you can move. Whether you want to get a great job, or to work on your education, or to start a family, the location is a major factor.


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