Benefits of moving to Nevada after college

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When young people finish college their time of life begins. Suddenly, they have to find a job and they have to pay their own bills. And at that time, many of them get lost. However, there are ones that know exactly what they want. Whichever group you can relate to, we want to bring your attention to the benefits of moving to Nevada after college. The state is, of course, home of the world-famous gambling town of Las Vegas. However, it has much more to offer. Nature is also fantastic and there are many things to see.

About the state

Nevada is a landlocked state positioned in the west of the USA. Almost three-quarters of its residents live in Clark County, in which the Sin City is located. Carson City, the capital of Nevada is home to about 55,000 residents and it is maned by mountain man Kit Carson. So, you can know that people here are respecting tradition. That is one of the reasons why Nevada is good as a state for retirement.

Nice looking mountain representing benefits of moving to Nevada after college.

Beautiful nature is one of the benefits of moving to Nevada after college.

It’s mainly a desert state so you can expect it to be very dry. However, that doesn’t mean that there’s no beautiful nature waiting to be discovered. If you’re already thinking about moving here, be sure to check these tricks that will save your time when moving to Nevada.

Cost of living

For anyone who just got out of school, the cost of living is one of the most important things to consider. However, this depends a lot on a place where you live.

If you choose Las Vegas as your new home you can expect to spend around $850 a month if you’re single. And having an ability to live a high life for that much money in a place such as this is is definitely one of the benefits of moving to Nevada after college.

If you opt for a different town you can expect your cost of living to go even lower, which is not bad at all. Especially if you’re coming from California where everything is much more expensive. If you are, know that moving to Nevada from California with ease is possible.

Job market

Nevada is not a small state. However, since pretty much all of its residents live in one spot job market is not very diverse. You’ll be able to find a job in hotels, casinos, restaurants, bars, or tourist attractions. But, those jobs aren’t paid very well unless you graduated in something that is closely connected to them.

On the other hand, our friends from Los Angeles Transfer and Storage that spent a lot of time in the area tell us that technology, health care, global trade, and logistics are all thriving currently in Nevada. Therefore, pack your bags and don’t worry a minute if you’ll be able to find a job.

Man in a tie.

You shouldn’t have any problems with finding a job in Nevada after you move there.


At the end of the day, it’s only your decision if you’re going to move here. However, bear in mind that there are many benefits of moving to Nevada after college. There’s a low cost of living, there’s a good job industry, and there’s fantastic nature. You really have nothing to lose.


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