4 benefits of expanding your California-based business to Las Vegas

By December 9, 2021Moving to Las Vegas

Planning to expand your business? That’s great, business expansions are always a good thing. However, before you begin your expansions, it is important to consider where you will be expanding to. So, why not consider these 4 benefits of expanding your California-based business to Las Vegas?

1. 24 hour mentality

Las Vegas is a great place to be both for new business and businesses expanding into it. One of the main reasons for this is the round-the-clock mentality which rules the city. This culture and mindset can be seen everywhere in the city. And if someone needs to spend their time working until late into the night, they won’t be the only ones, as there are many people who work every hour, every day. However, before you decide to expand your business here, you should know how far in advance to inform the employees who will be relocating to the new office.

No matter the time in Las Vegas, there are always people working.

2. Tax breaks

One very important benefit of expanding your California-based business to La Vegas are the many tax breaks offered there. In Las Vegas, there is no business tax. Additionally, the state of Nevada also doesn’t have personal income tax, gift tax or franchise tax. The city is considered to be one of the friendliest towards businesses, exactly because of the taxes. This helps save money from the get go when expanding there. If you are in addition moving with your family, any money you save will mean a lot.

3. It’s an affordable city

From the outside, Las Vegas can seem quite expensive. That’s because for people on vacation, it is. When it comes to businesses however, the city is quite different. Pretty much anywhere in Las Vegas, except for the strip, is very affordable. The downtown area is actually quite inexpensive when it comes to office spaces, and the area is constantly getting new businesses and businesses expanding into it. The city also has surprisingly low cost of living, to boot. It should be noted, however, that experts from goodneighborsmoving.com warn that equipment you will be bringing into your new office should be sufficiently protected during transport.

Aerial view of Las Vegas at night
Las Vegas is a city affordable for both residents and businesses.

4. Revitalizations

In recent years, the city has received $350 million, all aimed at revitalizing the downtown area. The goal of this was to create a community focus in the city, and empower business owners in the city. This has led to a boom in business, with businesses expanding into the city and new ones opening up. This has made Las Vegas an ideal spot for business expansion.

Finding affordable movers

A big part of expanding out of state is trying to save money on relocating equipment. This can seem quite difficult, but with enough research in advance you can easily find and exploit the best deals. And, besides, when trying to open a new office, it is very important to find help without breaking the bank.

Why Las Vegas?

We have listed all of the benefits of expanding your California based business to Las Vegas, but still we didn’t answer one question: why choose Las Vegas? Well, even besides all of the benefits, the future of business in Vegas is looking good. The city has recently had a focus on empowering business owners, and they show no sign of stopping. There is no better place to expand your business to.

Closing thoughts

Las Vegas is a wonderful place to be for new businesses, for the exact same reasons it is a great idea to expand your business here, although you are still encouraged to consider using methods such as using plastic wrap for moving to make the expansion cheaper. We hope you found this list of 4 benefits of expanding your California-based business to Las Vegas helpful, and wish you luck with your expansion.

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