What to expect when moving from Austin to Las Vegas

By April 24, 2022Moving to Las Vegas

If you are moving from Austin to Las Vegas soon, we can help you. We will do our best to give you some useful advice and show you who can help you along the way. This is not an everyday relocation. You are moving from one state to a whole different one. That’s a long-distance relocation and those can be pretty tricky. But there are ways to do this easily and to have a great moving experience even if you are moving with kids. Kids can make relocations complicated but we have some advice on dealing with kids too so keep reading.

The differences between Austin and Las Vegas

The first thing you need to do is research Las Vegas. Knowing a lot about your new city and neighborhood will make the transition easier. You will be prepared. We of course will tell you things that you simply need to know and the rest you can find on your own. Living in Las Vegas will be cheaper than living in Austin so this is a piece of good news right? If you are worried about the weather – it’s pretty much the same as you are already used to. It can be a bit hotter during summer but if you are used to the Austin climate you will be just fine in Vegas. Have you heard that there is no state income tax in Las Vegas? As you can see there is plenty to research about your new city so start doing it today.

Las Vegas sign you can see after moving from Austin to Las Vegas
Austin is great but so is Las Vegas

Many people expect that moving from Austin to Las Vegas is going to be stressful

It doesn’t have to be. If you plan everything right, have enough time to prepare, and find reliable movers like Evolution Moving you can have a stress-free relocation. But this is easier said than done so we have prepared some tips for you. That way you will know what to do even if this is your first relocation.

Tips and tricks

  • before you start packing try to declutter your old home – this will make packing much easier and you won’t be bringing any unnecessary items to Las Vegas
  • call your friends to help you with decluttering or include the whole family in the process, it will speed things up so if you are in a hurry ask for help
  • don’t go shopping without checking out what you already have and making some plans for packing, do everything in one shopping
  • download some moving and packing apps to help you with organizing your relocation (they are usually free to use so try a few of them)
  • find a packing system (we suggest packing by room)
  • make sure to label everything
  • find reliable movers and find the most suitable solution for your upcoming relocation – call them (don’t forget to ask for an estimate)
  • prepare for moving day (we will talk more about this)
  • think about moving in, unpacking, and settling in there, you might need some help

What to expect from the kids

If you are moving with your kids you can expect them to be against this relocation. Kids are not big fans of changes. You can expect that from older kids. Babies and toddlers don’t care at all about the location. So, what can you do? Be honest with them, make them feel included, and listen to what they have to say. Give them some time to adjust but also try to focus on all the positive sides of relocation. Vegas is a place full of entertainment. Lead with that. Hype them by showing them all the exciting things you will do there soon. They will feel at home after relocation pretty soon if you don’t rush them.

woman packing with her kid
Include your kids in the packing process too. It will be fun.

Moving day

If you used the tips we left for you you will know what to do before moving to Vegas but this is the day of the relocation. Even if you are hiring professionals for this you can expect that moving day will be a bit hectic. That’s the way it is. But there are ways you can do to make everything easier for you. First of all, try to sleep enough the night before. The next thing is crucial – prepare a bag for the road. “Moving day bag” is something you need to prepare for you and the kids if you have them so you can be all set on the road. Pack all essentials like foods, drinks, wet wipes, spare sets of clothes, chargers, small towels, and everything you think will be of use on the road. That will make moving day a bit easier.

What to expect from Vegas besides entertainment

Living in Nevada can be great. Besides entertainment and affordable living Las Vegas can also offer you an amazing culinary scene. Texans often think that their cuisine is the best and it is true in a way but Vegas has such an amazing culinary scene and an amazing variety of food so if you are a foodie you will love it here. Traffic is pretty decent here so that’s another thing to look forward to. Access to the most amazing outdoor recreation is another thing you can look forward to. Outdoorsy people love that about Vegas. As you can see Vegas is so much more than casinos and shiny lights in the desert.

delicious food and spices on the table
Vegas can offer you the most amazing food.

Expect to feel homesick after moving from Austin to Las Vegas

Not because there is anything wrong with Vegas. Feeling homesick after the relocation is a normal response and pretty much everybody feels this way. But when you get to know the new neighborhood, meet your new neighbors, and find some new friends the feeling will go away. Las Vegas will become your new home. Don’t rush anything, this is a normal process. Give yourself some time to adjust. Good luck!

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