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Commercial relocation certainly isn’t an easy task. It’s pretty far from easy, to be honest. That’s why you need good organizational skills. In the article below we’ll show you to create a timeline for company relocation. It should provide you with some very useful info. Stay tuned.

Six months before the move

Most folks say that you should start planning ahead six months before your lease is up. That’s when you’ll need to start looking for new office space. It would be best if you find a new place in about three months. That way you’ll have enough time to do the rest without getting a few gray ones.

A drawing board with two hands.
The key to a successful commercial relocation is being organized, and, of course, creating a timeline of events.

Three months before the move

Once you’ve found new office space, negotiate the best lease terms with the new landlord. After you’ve made sure both sides (or just yours, for that matter) are satisfied, sign the lease agreement. The next thing on your list should be hiring professional movers to help you with the move. When moving an office, there’s practically no alternative to hiring experts. You might want to hire a project manager to oversee the logistics of your move. Talk to your new landlord and organize a tour of the space for your project manager.

Two months before the move

Talk to your employees about the move, and see if they have any problems or suggestions concerning the relocation. Explain why the move is necessary and answer all of their questions. Also, notify your clients you’ll be changing the company’s address. Make sure they get the info. Don’t forget to update the website or the company’s social media profiles.

An office meeting. A crucial task concerning the timeline for company relocation is organizing an office meeting.
Two months before the move, organize an office meeting concerning the relocation. See what your employees have to say about it and answer all of their questions.

One month before the move

The date of the relocation is getting close. Have your employees clean the office of all unnecessary items, you’re not planning to move to the new place. A shredding company can take care of all the sensitive documents. See if you can give away all the furniture you’re not moving along with you. There are pick-up companies who take care of that, make sure you contact them.

Two weeks before the move

Talk to your project manager and make sure all the things are in their place. See if anything needs to be done, and create a deadline for the issue. So, what’s next? Let your employees pack their personal stuff. Arrange some boxes and bubble wrap. Some of the materials you can easily find free of charge (cardboard boxes) and some you can find pretty cheap on the internet.

One week before the move

Organize an office meeting where you’ll present the finalized moving timeline. One of the key elements of the meeting should be constituting a so-called moving day committee. They’ll be in charge of working closely with the movers and overseeing the whole process.

So, that’s about it. A neat little timeline for company relocation. Hopefully, your office move will go as smoothly as possible once you’ve read this article.

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