How to pack Bedding and Linen when moving

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We all know that it’s not especially difficult to pack bedding and linen when moving. However, there are some things and points that you’ll want to concentrate on when tackling this task. The main thing is to ensure that your bedding arrives clean, safe and fresh onto the new location. This is why you’ll need to plan ahead and use the right packing materials. Reading some tips for a smooth relocation can be useful too. We’ve made a list of things to focus on if you want to make it to the end hustle free and relaxed.

Soft goods are also vulnerable during the move

Your bedding and linen are not fragile goods, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t need any protection during transport. If you don’t pack them in the right way, you’re risking the damage caused by moisture, mold, and insects. Another benefit that you’ll get with proper packing is the optimal use of space. Because of this, do take some time when packing these things.

These are the materials that you’ll need to pack bedding and linen when moving:

  • Large moving boxes are great to pack bedding and linen when moving
  • Paper pads
  • Padded hangers (for curtains)
  • Wardrobe boxes (for curtains)
  • Packing paper
  • Packing tape
  • Marker
Cardboard boxes waiting to be constructed.

You will need a lot of boxes to pack bedding and linen when moving.

TricksĀ to pack bedding and linen when moving

The crucial thing on which you will need to focus on is maximizing the space inside of your boxes. You will manage to do this by frequent compressing on the stuff themselves to release any trapped air from underneath. Also, be sure not to overpack the boxes. If you overfill them you will have problems with sealing them, and this can lead to problems with moisture. Leave enough room in the box so you can close it without any hustle. Make sure to tape all the gaps as good as you can. If you have a lot of linens, vacuum bags are an innovative way to reduce the size even more.

When it comes to blankets and towels, they can be packed in the same way as the linen and bedding. However, it’s not the best idea. It’s much better to use them as packing materials. You will not only find a place for them, but you will also prevent problems and possible breakages from happening.

Towels on the shelf, nicely arranged.

Towels can be packed as linen, but it’s much better to use them as a packing material.

Additional tips

There are some useful pieces of advice that will help you avoid stress when moving. Be sure to focus on one bedroom at the time. You don’t want to run around your house in search of linens. Start with a room and don’t leave it until everything in it is packed. Also, be sure to use large boxes, but don’t push it too hard. Linens can get heavy fairly quickly. Pad the bottom of the boxes with packing paper to prevent anything from getting onto your bedding from underneath, but be sure to leave out enough so you can fold it over the top later. This will provide a shield against moisture and insects, so your bedding will be safe during the transport. And the final thing when you want to pack bedding and linen when moving is to label the boxes. Don’t forget to do this and you’ll thank yourself later.


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