Is Moving to Las Vegas Really for You?

First thing that comes to mind when someone thinks of Vegas is a city that never sleep, a lot of noise and flashing lights. But is it really entirely like that? You consider moving there based on the common knowledge about the place, but is it really like that? Is moving to Las Vegas really for you? This article will give insight on a few things you should know about the city before you’d consider moving to a place like that. Maybe the city turns out to be not what you really expected.

Is moving to Las Vegas for you? Read and find out!

Is Las Vegas For you?

Las Vegas is NOT THE SAME as the Strip

The most common misconception is that the Strip = Las Vegas. It doesn’t, not even close. The Strip might be what Vegas is most famous for, but its far from being Vegas. The Strip stretches for about 4 miles, whereas the entire area of Las Vegas has over 130 square miles. The rest is very beautiful and consists of plenty of suburban areas that are far more suitable for living. It’s not as loud, it does sleep and it is not consisted of flashy lights.

Is moving to Las Vegas for you? Or is it moving to the Strip?

Living on the Strip is not the same as living in Las Vegas!

On another note, downtown Vegas and the strip are also not the same thing! Downtown Vegas holds the history of the city. All the casinos and gambling moved to the Strip, but the old style 1950s casinos remain in Downtown begin an appealing sight for tourists.

Buying a House in Vegas is Cheap!

When compared to some other cities in the US, buying an apartment or a house in Vegas is not as expensive as you’d think. The reason for this is unknown to me, but you can buy a house cheaper than you would in Portland or Sacramento! If you did make a decision to start relocating to Vegas you’ll find this info making its way on your “PROS” side of the list.

Basically you could, on average estimation, get a single family house in Vegas for about ~US180.000, whereas the same one in Portland would be estimated to about ~USD282.000. Quite a big difference there, another PRO for moving to Las Vegas.

The Heat is NOT as Unbearable as you Might Have Heard!

If you’re thinking about moving to Las Vegas, but you fear the stories you’ve heard about it’s heat – don’t worry. Arguably, it can get a bit hot in the summer, and yes – you will want to park your car in the shade. But you do have to understand that you are moving into a desert environment city.

On a brighter note, this same desert environment impacts the air humidity, bringing it down to as much as 5-10% and this makes the heat bearable. So don’t worry, you’ll be hot, but its far from the horror stories people tell about.

Lower Cost of Living

In spite of the common belief that Las Vegas is expensive as heck, the city is actually quite cheap to live in. Compared to some major cities in the US, Vegas is cheap! You’ll be in for quite a lovely surprise when it comes to housing utilities, groceries, etc. Your budget will be quite happy!

You’re Going to Need a Car!

Public transport does exist. It can get you places. But if you really wish to remain effective, you’ll pass on the public transport and get yourself a car. Fortunately, due to the lower cost of living and no state income tax you’ll be able to afford a ride easily!

You must own a car if you consider moving to Las Vegas.

Traffic in Las Vegas is not bad. But you’re going to need a car!

To further complement this, the traffic is highly manageable. Arguably, the term manageable varies from person to person, but the bottom line is – if you’re sick of traffic jams you’re in for a treat. Traffic jams to exist, don’t think you’ll never see them, but they are mostly located around the Strip. And the “spaghetti junction” near downtown. Everything else is pretty smooth.

Las Vegas is a Dog Heaven!

Moving to Las Vegas will be a bliss for your dog!

Las Vegas is Dog Heaven!

If you’re thinking of moving to Las Vegas but wish to bring your dog you must be aware of the following fact. There are five enormous dog parks that are going to be a heaven for their pleasant walks. You’re gonna be able to take “Frodo” and let him run his soul out surrounded by wonderful green grass and trees. Bottom line – Vegas is not only for your scaly pets. The parks I’m talking about are: All American Park, Charlie Kellogg and Joe Zaher Sports Complex, Children’s Memorial Park, Barkin’ Basin Park and Centennial Hills Park.

Jobs are Easy to Find!

If you’re moving to Las Vegas and you’re thinking about what you’re going to do for a living do not worry. Las Vegas has plenty of job opportunities. Mainly, if by any chance hospitality is your thing – there is no better place to find such jobs than Vegas! Plus, people working in the hospitality industry make a pretty handsome buck. Stand behind a bar and make cocktails and you might be looking at over $100.000 annually.

But if hospitality is not for you, don’t fret. A large amount of global call centers are located in Vegas, so you can look up your fortune as a call center agent or any complementing team.

It’s Fun!

Even though you’d be located in a suburban area, you’re always able to actually scoot down to the strip and have an amazing night out. Las Vegas really is fun, with so many things to do – hence you’ll never be bored. From numerous hotels and spas, casinos, clubs, hiking adventures, pools, theaters and many other activities – you’ll always have something new to do.


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