Helpful tips for moving to Brooklyn

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Today, many say that Brooklyn is a great place to move. It is a favorite place of young professionals, creative hipsters but also is a family place for those who want to raise children in NYC. For the successful relocation to Brooklyn, you need helpful tips and the reliable moving company experienced in Brooklyn moves. You should not waste your time by researching the internet for dependable Brooklyn movers, we suggest you contact U. Santini Moving and Storage Brooklyn and their representatives will give all the answers about your move to Brooklyn. In the further text, you can find helpful tips for moving to Brooklyn, to make it successful and efficient.


Charming neighborhoods in Brooklyn offer cozy and exciting life with lower cost of living than Manhattan.

Moving to Brooklyn tips

Brooklyn offers a nice mix of a city lifestyle with less crowded neighborhoods than the center of NYC. It is cheaper than the city, but still, the cost of living isn’t lower than the national average.  We know that your budget plays the main rule when it comes to Brooklyn relocation. So, you need to find neighborhood and home that fit your budget. When you’re house-hunting in Brooklyn, keep a few things in mind. You need:

  • Excellent credit
  • Three months’ rent plus other required fees to move in
  • Negotiation skills to get the best possible price
  • Knowledge about Brooklyn neighborhoods to find the one that fits your needs and lifestyle
Building in Brooklyn

Make sure to gather all necessary documents when you want to rent an apartment in Brooklyn

Neighborhoods to explore in Brooklyn

There are nearly 50 different neighborhoods in Brooklyn. Each one of them has its own character, housing costs, income, etc. In the sea of different neighborhoods, you have to pick the one that fit your needs and necessities. Find the neighborhood that is safe for your family and near your job. So, check crime reports before moving to Brooklyn.

How to pack for the move to Brooklyn: tips and tricks

Packing is the first step and main step in the successful relocation to Brooklyn. You should start on time to pack and protect everything carefully. We have some tips and trick how you can make it easier.  We hope our tips will make your packing process as fun as possible. Now, let’s begin.

When to start packing your belongings?

If you are planning your move few months in advance, then it is a good idea to start sorting and packing a few months before the moving day. You have to collect moving boxes and packing supplies to pack and protect your items. Start packing with items you won’t use before the moving day. Also, declutter your home and sell, donate or throw away items you never use again.

Yard sale

Arrange a yard sale and sell items you no longer want

Sell or donate things

You probably have items you no longer want. So, instead of packing and moving them to Brooklyn, it is a better idea to donate or sell them. You can help someone who needs it or you can earn some money by arranging a yard sale.

The equipment you will need for packing:

  • Cardboard boxes: make sure they are sturdy and clean
  • Packing tape and wrapping material – to protect your items and secure moving boxes
  • Marker – to label boxes. This will help you unpack your boxes faster after the move to Brooklyn.
  • Newspapers, old clothing, towels – for fragile things.


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