Best nightclubs in America

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So, you like the nightlife in America? You probably do, because here you are. Nightlife in America is somewhat crazy but in a good way. There is pretty much everything for everyone. It doesn’t even matter what type of music you are into; you will find a club that suits your taste. Here, we will try and show you some of the best clubs in America in the best way possible so that you can make your decision on where to go and in which club to enjoy. If you decide to move to Miami from a distant city, a city with the best clubs in the world, you need to know where to go, so you do not waste your time and money to some club you won’t enjoy. Best nightclubs in America are most likely the best nightclubs in the world, but that opinion can be very individual.

Best nightclubs in America have the best light shows

           Nightclubs in America have it all

Let’s start from Miami

It makes a lot of sense to start with the clubs in Miami because one very obvious reason: One of the best nightclubs clubs in America and in the world, are located in this awesome city. It makes a lot of sense, since this city, in general, is the city where people from all over the world are coming to enjoy, relax and have fun. From daily parties to the parties when the night falls, Miami has it all. All you need to do is to bring your good mood and enough money.

No matter how cool the clubs in Miami are, they are somewhat expensive. Deeper pockets are something normal when you are going out in Miami. Of course, all clubs do not have the same drink prices, but overall, it can be said that it is expensive to party in Miami. If you are moving with your family to Miami, this type of clubs are something to avoid except if you are not on some kind of a budget.

LIV Miami Florida

LIV is the most famous club in Miami, and probably America. It has a schedule from Friday to Sunday. Every night is different and therefore you can choose on what night you will come, depending on what type of music will be. In this club, you can see a lot of famous people, the ones you like and the ones you don’t. You can see them as the performers, or in some VIP booth drinking the most expensive champagne. This is the reason why this club is expensive. People who have a lot of money are coming here to have fun and drink, therefore prices are adjusted to the people who are spending the most. This is something normal to expect when you are moving to Miami and you want to have a nice night out, including clubs.

A DJ performing in a club

So many great DJs in some of the best clubs in America

Avalon Hollywood

A nightclub in Hollywood, can’t get much better than that. Avalon is a very specific club with a theater like space. What is an extremely fun fact about this club, is that they have a 24h license? This means one thing. You know that feeling when you dance and having the best time ever, and then suddenly it all stops because you have to go home, the club is closing, the bar is closing? Well, this is the club where that doesn’t happen. It works all night long. So, relax, get ready, wear something comfortable. Ladies, please wear flats so that you can enjoy the night and go and have some uninterrupted fun.

Board room Chicago

Board room is such an interesting place to visit. It is not for everyone’s taste though, but it doesn’t hurt to check it out. It is not that big and not a lot of people can’t come in but it has something special. Not only that you can go out and enjoy one of the best nightclubs in America, but you will also even get a show. Strange things happen in this club; it would be best for you to see it with your own eyes. Also, this is another club with VIP guests and if you see some crazy good looking, expensive car in the front, know that someone important is in there having fun.

Best nightclubs in America are in Miami

It is completely normal to mention Miami again since the best nightclubs in America are mostly in this city. Let’s mention “Story”. Story as the name of the club. This is one the most exclusive clubs in Miami. Visual it is probably the prettiest club in Miami as well. This club can throw some of the best parties America has seen. With hosting some of the world’s most famous DJ’s whilst at the same time having the craziest light shows ever it is safe to say that being in this club makes your adrenaline rush.

A singer performing

Nightclubs in America have live performances as well

XS, Las Vegas

XS is a club where everything seems so pretty. As other clubs mentioned so far, this club, as well, has some great and out of this world light shows, and this club, as well, is the host of the most famous DJ’s in the world. However, it seems as that this club has something that others don’t. It has pools. So, any party at any given night can become a pool party. Moving to Las Vegas screams party!

So far we mentioned some of the best nightclubs in America:

  • LIV
  • Avalon
  • Boardroom
  • Story
  • XS

There are so many more to even count. Every single of this clubs has something that makes it special and enjoyable. Go, check it out and choose your own favorite club.

If you are moving to the US fast and efficient packing professionals are what you need before even thinking about checking out the clubs. After you resolve that, best club hunting can begin. Clubs we have mentioned somewhat are pretty expensive but do not despair, there are clubs for anyone’s pocket.

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