6 tips for moving from Washington to Nevada on short notice

By July 13, 2022Moving to Las Vegas

You are getting tired of Washington, and it is time to relocate to a new place with a different vibe and people. You have chosen Nevada as your new home. But before you begin your new journey in Nevada, you need to relocate there and do it quickly. Movers Las Vegas has 6 tips for moving from Washington to Nevada on short notice.

Go over your finances when moving from Washington to Nevada on short notice

The first tip is to set a moving budget before your relocation to Nevada. Before talking about relocation, we have to determine your moving budget. Setting a relocation budget will affect every decision you make during your moving process to Nevada. By having a budget, you will know how much you could pay for each aspect of your relocation. The most significant item when specifying a relocation budget is to not go over it. Because if you do, unforeseen costs can pile up. How you select to spend money on your relocation hinges on if you are employing a relocation expert or not.

Employing a company will drain your wallet more than moving alone. But relocating without any help will consume a lot more time and energy. If you pick to employ movers, read about the traits of reliable residential movers. By understanding the characteristic of good movers, you can hire someone who can get you to Nevada problem-free. 

paper money, calculator, notebook, pen
Calculate your moving budget for a Nevada short-notice relocation from Washington state!

Organizing your relocation to Nevada 

The second tip for your short-notice relocation to Nevada is to have a plan. Creating a plan will make relocation to Nevada much more comfortable. Having a detailed strategy can keep you relaxed during the move to Nevada and stop you from overlooking to packing your most significant items. You will need to make a clear list of things you will have to accomplish and how you will complete them:

  • First, our guide to moving from Washington to Nevada on short notice thinks you should have packing supplies. What packing supplies you will require, and where you will buy them;
  • Secondly, select what things you will bring with you to Nevada from Washington
  • Third, picking the time to start packing for Nevada and what to pack first, and how to execute it without any problems;
  • Thirdly, label your boxes in Washington;
  • Loading a moving truck;
  • Finally, do you need an essentials bag with you for something unpredictable that might happen along the way? 

If you find the plan overwhelming, movers can assist you. There are plenty of moving companies to employ. If you can not pick one, check out hansenbros.com or explore other options. 

Get packing supplies

The third tip to complete a short-notice move to Nevada is to have reliable moving supplies by your side. Getting good packing equipment is essential for any relocation. Packing supplies keep your belongings from getting knocked up during the trip to Nevada. Here are the essential moving supplies:

  • Strong cardboard and plastic boxes of various sizes:
  • Wrapping fabrics;
  • Something to label your boxes, markers, and pens; 
  • Quality tape and a tape dispenser to close your cardboard boxes.

You can buy packing supplies from your moving company. But if you don’t want to buy supplies from a company, you can get them on the internet. Or visit some of your regional shops, and reuse old packing materials from your last relocation. Ask your friends if they have any used packing supplies for your Nevada move.

Decluttering your Washington state home 

Check your whole home in Washington and see if you have things you will not need in Nevada. You can throw them away or sell them to have more money for your relocation to Nevada. Arrange a garage sale if you have something worth selling. By getting rid of stuff in your home in Washington you will save money on your packing. Or you can rely on expert solutions and ship or transport your belongings from Washington to Nevada. They will ensure your items arrives intact in your new place in Nevada, regardless of how many of them you have. 

Packing before moving from Washington to Nevada on short notice

When it comes to any relocation, packing is the biggest time consumer. You can hire professionals to assist you or do it yourself. Here is how to tackle the packing part of the move: 

  • First, begin by packing the rooms you use the least and finish with the rooms you use the most. With the previous tip, you can still keep using your rooms until the relocation day to Nevada;
  • Second, before you put items in the containers, put cushioning on the base of the container;
  • Third, put in the heavy things first and the lighter things after. The bigger items will stop the boxes from opening during the trip;
  • Finally, fill any empty spaces in the boxes with packing materials.
man and woman packing
Moving from Washington to Nevada on short notice will be more comfortable if you follow our packing tips.

Labeling your boxes

The final tip for your short-notice relocation to Nevada is labeling. The most straightforward method to label containers is to write directly on them. There are different ways to label boxes. But the best one is to label by room and the items inside. By labeling your boxes, you will not struggle to load the moving truck. You know what stuff you will need as soon as you arrive in Nevada, and you can put them in the moving truck last. If you are loading the van without the help of movers, get friends to help you or use specialized equipment. With a neatly loaded truck, your unpacking will be easy when your items arrive in Nevada. 

Colorful pencils, learn about moving from Washington to Nevada on short notice
Colorful pencils can make your labeling clear, preventing you from misplacing boxes.


These are our 6 tips for moving from Washington to Nevada on short notice. If you follow them, time will not be a problem. And if you have any trouble executing any of our tips, reach out for assistance.

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