Top residential areas in Brooklyn

Brooklyn hasn’t been waiting in quiet and letting Manhattan be the hippiest area of New York. More and more young professionals and families are moving to Brooklyn. And as a result, rent and home prices are becoming higher and higher. But, with more than 30 neighborhoods, how to know which ones are top residential areas in Brooklyn. Of course, the best way would be to visit them and make a decision yourself. Nonetheless, you will find this list to be quite useful.

Top residential areas in Brooklyn


Choose a residential area in Brooklyn that will suit your needs

It can be hard doing all the research, especially when moving on short notice. But, if the area that you’re interested in, like Brooklyn, has more than 30 neighborhoods, it’s even harder. And on top of that, each of them has a different personality and citizens, making it really useful to know something about each neighborhood beforehand. After all, you’re going to live there, commute every day and call this neighborhood your new home. So, depending on your needs, choose the one that looks like your cup of tea.

Bay Ridge

If you have Greek, Italian, Norwegian and Irish background and you want to live in a family-oriented neighborhood, search no more. There are several reasons why Bay Ridge is considered one of the top residential areas in Brooklyn.

  • Bay Ridge has been trying to resist change, unlike other areas of New York. Its longtime residents protect their neighborhood from becoming overdeveloped, resulting in a small-town feel of the neighborhood.
  • It’s great for people with families. They get to live beside neighbors with children, with a lot of outdoor space, with a lot of nearby parks and close to the water.

If you fit into this category, then you can immediately contact a good moving company, like, and move here. You’ll be able to buy a two-stories two-bedroom house for less than 1 million dollars. And that’s actually considered as a good deal in New York. But, if you’re willing to buy an attached house, you can get an even better deal.

Brooklyn Heights

No list of top residential areas in Brooklyn can go without Brooklyn Heights. This cozy neighborhood has charming cobblestone streets lined with trees and beautiful brownstone-rowhouses. Of course, there’s a famous waterfront park here with promenade, if you like being among the tourists more. The unique charm of Brooklyn Heights must be the reason why the prices are quite high. However, you can still see middle-class commuters mingling with famous people in the streets. So, if you want to be among this crowd, you are going to need moving experts who serve Brooklyn Heights. They can help you move to this wonderful neighborhood. That way, you’ll also be close to DUMBO neighborhood and Carroll Gardens.


Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass, or DUMBO, as they call, was once an industrial neighborhood. Nowadays, it boasts 19th-century warehouses and art galleries, along with the spacious condominiums with high ceilings. Its citizens can spend their time in numerous bars, shops, and restaurants along the waterfront. And no one can deny that its location is one of a kind. Maybe that’s the reason why so many professionals, as well as artists, have decided to call this place their home. And as soon as you find services that fit your moving needs perfectly, you can also become a resident of this interesting neighborhood, too.

Carroll Gardens

Carroll Gardens is a wonderful trendy fusion of historic and modern architecture that boast great culinary scenes. People can enjoy fashionable boutiques, as well as yoga studios here. It’s important to say that this neighborhood is very kid-friendly, which is useful to know if you’re, let’s say moving to New York with kids as a single parent. But, if you don’t have kids, you’ll also agree that this still might be an important piece information when choosing your neighborhood. And if you do like Carroll Gardens, you should also consider Cobble Hill and Boerum Hill, as they are quite similar.



Williamsburg Bridge connects Williamsburg to Manhattan

It was considered one of the coolest neighborhoods in the past decade. Nowadays, it represents a more grown-up version of hipster culture. Streets are full of fancy restaurants, and shiny cocktail bars. Since you also need to meet people after you move, it’s good to know that your neighbors would be longtime immigrants, as well as young artists. That’s why Williamsburg is rich with a cultural and artistic heritage. Also, Williamsburg Bridge connects this neighborhood to Manhattan, which is something to take into consideration. Another thing to know is that it’s one of the most expensive residential areas in Brooklyn, and also one of the most popular.

Prospect Heights

Placed between Brooklyn Academy of Music and the Brooklyn Museum, this neighborhood is a great option for young people. Its quite casual vibe and reasonable prices make it a great middle-class neighborhood. Also, there are great transportation options available here, as well as a huge construction project taking place right here. It’s called Pacific Park Brooklyn and it’s going to have 22 acres. Even without it, Prospect Heights is considered one of the top residential areas in Brooklyn, having a number of dining and retail options. Check it out, it might be just what you’re searching for.

Make a visit to your favorite neighborhood


Brooklyn can become your new home, but choose the neighborhood that would suit you the best

While it is great to know the top residential areas in Brooklyn beforehand, nothing can change a good old-fashioned personal experience. Make a visit to your favorite neighborhood and meet the people living there. Ask them about their life. Have a coffee in a local cafe. In simple words, feel the pulse of the neighborhood. Only then, you will know for sure if that’s the one for you.



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