Top 6 European cities Americans are moving to

It is not a simple job to pack your bags and pursue your luck on another continent. This is a complex, daunting, and extremely stressful process that requires lots of money, energy, and time to put into it. Make sure to have these things in mind when you start planning to leave the US for Europe. In that case, to create an easy path to residency, you need to find one of the best European cities Americans are moving to. As the transition project continues, apart from picking the right city to be your home, you should also get ready for the move, meeting a new environment, and adjusting the period.

How do get ready for moving from the US to Europe?

If you think that Europe is the right place for you, you have to equip yourself for leaving America. Even though you can collect plenty of information about the city you want to live in there online, perhaps it would be a great idea to visit in person some particular countries that you find interesting. Those tours will help you on how to prepare for a long-distance move, how to get around, and how to settle in. To select the right state to be your home, continue reading this article to discover the top 6 European cities Americans are moving to that might be exactly what you are looking for!

The first location you should check out is Antwerp in Belgium.

Antwerp, Belgium

One of the most amazing places for living in Europe is Antwerp in Belgium. This city is a cultural mix, and in no time, you will feel like you belong there. Anyway, many Americans are relocating to Antwerp because it is affordable, it is a great location for raising a family, and it offers plenty of attractions and activities. In other words, your life in this part of Belgium will be all about relaxing and enjoying. 

So, if you want to experience this wonderful spot, all you have to do is to get ready for the big move. Everything you need for the relocation from the US to Antwerp you can find on Go there, collect the information you need about the relocating project and prepare yourself for an adventure.

When it comes to France, Toulouse is one of the best cities Americans are moving to

Toulouse is a very modern city in France that is recognizable for art, history, and culture. Apart from that, the city is also known for its aerospace industry. Toulouse has a special character that attracts tourists. With that in mind, you won’t have any trouble with the language because locals can speak English. And, you should know that this place is one of the most famous places in France where ex-pats can find their home. So, as soon as you decide to leave the US, ask professionals to give you a hand with the relocation job. Anyway, these people are the best solution you can have at your disposal right now. They will help you move to France, so you can start your new life in Toulouse in no time.

Hamburg in Germany is one of the best European cities Americans are moving to.
Hamburg is also one of the European cities Americans are moving to.

Hamburg, Germany

The next city you should check out is in Germany, Hamburg. It is the country’s biggest port, and home to many people. So, if you want to discover everything else this city offers, all you need to learn are some international moving tips. Have them at your disposal and prepare yourself properly for this transition. So, when planning to move to Hamburg, check out some of these areas that might be perfect for the lifestyle you are looking for:

  • Uhlenhorst
  • Hafen City
  • Ottensen
  • Altona

Also, you should know that Hamburg is one of the most expensive cities to live in in Germany. Considering that, and it has many luxury parts where there are many rich individuals.

Malaga in Spain is one of the best European cities Americans are moving to

Malaga is home to a relaxed lifestyle, a plethora of activities, and all-year-round enjoyment. Here, you will be surrounded by friendly Andalusian people, numerous beaches, and all-night parties. The Mediterranean climate will allow you experience long summers and mild winters. To fully prepare for your new life, it would be best to visit Malaga a few times before you decide to become a resident.

Well, thanks to those visits, you will discover what else makes this city worthy of moving from the US. Speaking of that, for this part you will need some professionals who can help you relocate easily. You see, experienced crews can handle transportation of your belongings from America to Spain in no time. Just make sure to have them at your disposal, and you will be ready to explore Malaga right after the move.

Milan, Italy.
When it comes to Italy, Milan might have everything you are looking for.

Milan, Italy

If you are leaving the US for Italy, the next spot you should check out is Milan. This city has extraordinary transportation links which makes him a great base for any business. In other words, if you are relocating to Italy because of a company, or you are moving across the globe for work, Milan will be a perfect location for your needs. Apart from design and fashion, this wonderful part of Italy also has to offer numerous free-time activities. Healthcare and safety are quite significant in this financial and industrial hub, along with tourism and travel connectivity.

London, United Kingdom is also one of the European cities Americans are moving to

For everyone who wants to live and work in Europe, London might be the perfect location to try your luck in. Anyway, in London, you will have plenty of job opportunities, numerous activities, and cultural attractions. Just inform yourself about the laws and regulations, and you will be able to expect great things for UK and London. 

So, here are some of the best neighborhoods in London for ex-pats:

  • Kensington
  • Marylebone
  • Notting Hill
  • Richmond
  • Wandsworth

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