The best route to take for a DIY move from Nevada to New York City

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Finding the best route to take for a DIY move from Nevada to New York City can be difficult. But we are here to help. Let’s first see how your lifestyle will change by leaving Nevada to New York City. With a DIY move, you should know about mistakes people make by moving by themselves

Nevada to NYC

The first thing you will have to adapt to by moving to NYC is the cost of living. Let’s compare the most popular city in Nevada – Las Vegas and NYC. The overall cost of living in NYC is 50% higher than in Las Vegas. But let’s get specific. Groceries are 14% more expensive in New York, utilities are 46%, transportation is about 40%, and health is approximately 37%. But the most significant cost difference is in housing which is 149% more expensive. The median home cost in Las Vegas is 334,000 dollars, and in NYC, the price is almost double 654,300 dollars. 

But even though the cost of living in NYC is high, you get a lot for it. Access to the best museums and art galleries, New Yorkers support art and culture, and when you move there, you will be able to experience it. It will be a culture shock to you because New York is one of the most diverse cities in the world. And each community brings its own culture and food to NYC. Because of them, New York has one of the best restaurants in the world. But you will find the most authentic dishes in whole in the wall places and street carts. And to get your belongings to NYC undamaged, read tips for moving household items

Before we get to the best route to take for a DIY move from Nevada to New York, let’s talk about how to prepare for the move

Do it yourself move is difficult because you are not relying on a moving company for help. There are many things to take into account and balance when executing a cross-country move. 

map of America
For a DIY cross-country move, you will need to be careful when executing it.

Here are the steps you should take: 

  • The first step is planning your relocation from Nevada to New York. Planning means making a schedule ahead of time and sticking to it. The plan should include what you are going to pack first and when you are starting to pack. 
  • The second step to relocating to NYC is to make a registry of your items. Go to each room of your Nevada home and make a list. 
  • The third tip is on where to get packing materials. Now, if you want to save money, you can use old boxes and visit local stores in Nevada to see if they have any free ones. For wrapping material, you can use old blankets clothes. But since this is a cross-country move, we recommend getting new supplies because things might get bumpy. 
  • The fourth step is to cull some of your items in Nevada before packing. Declutter everything you won’t need in NYC.
  • The fifth step is to rent a moving truck. Research to find the best companies in Nevada that rent moving trucks. 
  • The sixth step is to pack your household items. Pack your items room by room. First, you should pack belongings you do not use as much in your daily routine in Nevada. The technique for packing is simple. Put the heavy items first. By putting the heavy items first, you will prevent boxes from tipping over during transportation to NYC.
  • And finally, when you arrive in NYC, hire local movers- Tik Tok Moving and Storage NYC to help you unpack. Now, let’s go over the best route to take for a DIY move from Nevada to New York City. 
a happy couple packing.
A DIY move is stressful, but our tips can help.

Picking the best route to take for a DIY move from Nevada to New York City

Now, when picking a route from Nevada to New York, there is no short option. You will have to drive 40 hours. To keep it safe, you should drive about 8 hours a day. It will take you five days to reach NYC from Nevada. So, our criteria for picking the route is the attraction you will see on the road. 

The most popular routes are the interstate 80 and the interstate 70. Both interstates pass through some of the same states while leading you to NYC, but the interstate 80 has better-sightseen options. So we believe that the best route from Nevada to NYC is intestate 80, and here is why: 

  • The first thing intestate 80 in Utah passes near Salt Lake and Salt Lake City. There you can take your first break.
  • When you have finished your break in Salt Lake City, drive through the beautiful states of Wyoming, Nebraska, Iowa. 
  • When we enter – Illinois is where things get interesting. Now you have an option to go down to Indianapolis, Indiana, but we recommend going straight. If you go straight, you will be able to see Chicago and Lake Michigan. 
  • When you have had enough of Chicago, enter Illinois and drive to Ohio. On the way, you can make another stop and visit Cleveland and Lake Erie. 
  • Finally, drive to Pennsylvania. Interstate 80 leads directly to New York from Pennsylvania. 
An image of a grey road in the desert.
With the perfect route, you will love your relocation to NYC.

When you are finally in NYC, reach out to experts in the area, local NYC movers can help you move in. They are licensed local movers with years of experience. These movers will unpack you, and if your new NYC home is small, they will provide you with storage. 

The end 

We believe that interstate 80 is the best route to take for a DIY move from Nevada to New York City because there are many enjoyable things to see on the road. And remember, there are items you should not pack when moving to NYC from Nevada. Good luck with your relocation! 

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