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Storage - When is the best time to rent a storage unit in Las Vegas

When is the best time to rent a storage unit in Las Vegas

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Sometimes in life, you need a place for storing your items for a certain period. The reasons can be various. In those situations, one of the best solutions is renting a storage unit. But, there’re some things you should know before renting one. Like, which company you should pick, the size and type of the unit, and more. Also, you need to know when is the best time to rent a storage unit in Las Vegas as well. 

Good timing can make a big difference. It can even save you some money along the way. In this guide, you can find out when is the best time to rent a storage unit in Las Vegas and see how does it fit your schedule.

Reasons for renting rent a storage unit in Las Vegas

There are many reasons why you need to rent a storage unit in Las Vegas. 

  • Moving – Sometimes, when moving, you can’t or don’t want to move the whole household, but, you have to leave the house. So, you need to place your furniture somewhere, and the storage unit is your solution.
  • Special occasions – Like when you’re painting walls, having guests visiting, or renovating your home, and you need a place for storing items.

No matter if you’re moving to Las Vegas with a family or you’re renovating the home, you need a storage unit. One of the best ways to do it is to search the units on the Internet. But, make sure you pay close attention to reviews and comments. Base your final decision on previous experiences of other customers. 

Storage unit

Find out when is the best time to rent a storage unit in Las Vegas.

Winter – The best time for renting storage in Las Vegas

Sites like www.lcmoving.net will suggest winter for the hunt for a storage solution. This may sound strange to you, considering the hard weather conditions. But, winter is very convenient for renting a storage unit. At this time of the year, demand is low and you can find an excellent and very affordable storage unit.

While winter may be the best time to rent a storage unit in Las Vegas, it also brings some struggles:

  • Harsh weather conditions
  • Hard weather affects everything. It makes putting your items in a storage unit a bit harder. Winters’ icy roads and snowstorms can be dangerous for moving items into the storage unit. Plus, you can slip and fall, or earn some serious injuries.
  • You need to waterproof your belongings.
  • Unpredictable weather means you’ve to make an effort and protect your belongings. 
  • In the winter season, you’ve to take a climate-controlled storage unite. Winter isn’t the only season when you need this unit type, but it may be the most dangerous one. Because some items can’t resist freezing temperatures.

Renting a storage unit in the fall

The fall is a season when storage facilities are lowering their rental prices because of lacking customers. This is quite an uneventful time of the year, so not many people need storage. During this period, most storages will have low prices and great discounts. Still, depending on the specifics of your items, you can face higher prices for some objects.

For storage units that provide the safekeeping of vehicles, fall is the business season. So, they don’t have the reason to lower their price. In fall, people storage motorcycles or boats, so those types of storage units have the highest rates in this season. So, if you’re moving from the Big Apple to Las Vegas with the help of professional movers, they will certainly warn you that this isn’t the best time to rent a storage unit in Las Vegas for vehicles. But, if you wish to store household items, then have no worries. Fall is a lucrative season to rent a storage unit because the moving season is at its end.

Fall road - Fall is the best time to rent a storage unit in Las Vegas.

Fall may be the perfect time for renting a storage unit.

Is spring the best time to rent a storage unit in Las Vegas?

Spring brings rest from the cold weather and gloomy days. In this season, the temperatures are pleasant for any kind of activity. It’s also the perfect time for life-changing events, like relocation. 

In spring, the moving season starts. This is the direct reason why you might have some trouble finding a self-storage unit. Most people need storage space when they’re moving. So, the prices for storage facilities are at its highest. The same goes for moving companies.

So, spring isn’t the best time to rent a storage unit in Las Vegas. Another reason for this is because of the spring cleanings. People usually start to declutter their homes in this period of the year. People hunt for a safe place to keep things that are still usable, but not that often. With the beginning of the moving season and spring cleaning, it almost impossible to find an available storage unit. An especially affordable one.

But, if you don’t mind spending more money and time looking, you will have weather on your side. It means that putting your things in the storage unit will be much easier. Plus, the roads are safer, as well as transportation for your things.

Summer – Not the best time for renting

Summer is the very peak of the moving season. So, choosing the ideal Las Vegas storage company will not be easy. You can even be in a situation where you have to offer more money than other pretenders for the last units in the area. This is the time where you can see how moving and storage are connected. Also, in summer, a bunch of college students searches for a place to keep their stuff. So, certainly, summer isn’t the best time to rent a storage unit in Las Vegas.

Sun and umbrella

In the summer, it’s extremely hard to find a storage unit that is in good condition.

When is the best time to rent a storage unit in Las Vegas?

Every season has its advantages and disadvantages. Fall may be the best time to rent a storage unit in Las Vegas because the temperatures are pleasant, and the prices are lower. But, no matter which season you choose, make sure you get a good storage unit. The one that will offer adequate protection for your items. 

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Gambling tutorial for hunting for storage.

Choosing the ideal Las Vegas storage company

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Let us guess – you woke up one morning and realized that you’re stuck. Same old job and house, same people, same neighborhood… All in all – quite the buzzkill, right? Well, the answer couldn’t be more simple – find a place packed with excitement and move there. And where can you find more adventure than the Entertainment Capital of the World. Las Vegas will be perfect for that second chance you are looking for. The only two obligations that you need to consider would be hiring the best relocation company, while also finding the ideal Las Vegas storage company.

Gambling tutorial for hunting for storage.

A safe bet on finding the ideal Las Vegas storage company.

Magic tricks on finding the ideal Las Vegas moving company

Moving is simple enough once planned out and conducted properly in an organized manner. What you always need to think of is whether your new Sin City apartment will have enough space. It is at this point that you realize that you might be in the need for a storage unit. And finding a storage company is no easy task. So why not take some free advice from professionals?

The ideal Las Vegas storage company – know the type of storage to look for

You can’t really win the game unless you know all the stakes involved. And this is why you need to get familiar with the types of storage out there:

  • Self-storage. Usually considered short-term storage, and is most commonly used for storing seasonal equipment or items too large for you new place. A simple lock & key  principle and you are the only one that has access. Sound simple enough – a safe bet.
    Ideal Las Vegas storage company hiding behind two doors.

    Deciding on a favorite in a fight can lead to better odds of finding storage.

  • Container storage. Here we have long-term storage. How it works – you have a rep from the potentially ideal the Las Vegas storage company do a house call.  They then do an inventory count to determine the size and number of containers you require. Containers are then delivered to your address by the storage company with clear instructions in regards to packing and safe-keeping. Once packed, the containers are transferred to the storage facility of your choice.

Now that you’re a bit more familiar with the possible plays, it’ll be that much easier to proceed with a strategy.

Initial stakes – comprise an ideal Las Vegas storage company list

Knowing the players can win you half the game – and this is simple Vegas math. Every search begins with a lot of background research, which is why advise that you do the same. And considering the modern technology we now have at our disposal, there are several methods:

Know the storage companies in Las Vegas before opting for any

Get to know as much as you can before making any rash decisions and risks.

  • First-hand insight. It never hurts to go about asking friends and family members for advice. It’s always a safer bet when you have a company someone you know can vouch for than hiring a brand new company you know nothing about.
  • Online research. The Web is considered the widest database of information today – so it’s only logical that you focus your search using it as a tool. In addition to the amount of information you can find, you can also find feedback and reviews from other players. Who better than others that were in your shoes to offer sound advice.
  • Real-estate agencies. In case you are already hiring them to find you that ideal apartment, why not inquire about the ideal Las Vegas storage company along the way. And even though they have a deal with “the house”, they just might help you win some hands.
  • Relocation companies. Moving companies which offer storage services as well are not that rare. And even if they don’t, most of them can provide reliable recommendations.

Gambling for the ideal Las Vegas storage company – follow or fold

By now you should probably have a list of potential storage companies for your relocation to the Gambling Capital of the World. So how do you go about calling some of them out from the list? Well, easy enough if you follow the following steps:

  1. Background checks are a MUST. The Silver City is not that naive  – competition is large and fraudulent companies lurk everywhere. Always visit the storage facility website (if one exists) and verify the license and validity of the company before even considering going all in with them.
  2. Check any reviews or comments about the storage company. If none are available, caution is highly advised. These are typical markers of either young and inexperienced companies or companies which have something to hide. No matter the game-play, the rule is fixed – as long as there are reviews, there is material to work with.
  3. Check for any records of complaints.  Start from the Better Business Bureau and search for the company in question. Then read up on any articles or news involving the storage place. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to contact the local police department and check whether there were any past incidents or reports involving the storage company or their facilities.

Ensure that you’re getting your money’s worth in regards to services

So you’ve called out the fraudulent Las Vegas storage facilities that were attempting to bluff – good. Now comes the hard part. If you’ve rented storage before, you have some idea what to expect. In case this is your first time playing the game, then you might want to consider the following:

Store your patience before making the final decision.

Make sure that you’re covered before going all in with the ideal Las Vegas storage company.

  • Investment vs. potential gain. Most storage facilities have a fixed cost for the services they offer, which can provide you with a general idea of the price you are going to pay. This can help you spot abnormally costly or conveniently cheap Las Vegas storage companies.
  • Securing fall-back insurance. Insurance is simply a must-have when when it comes to valuable items. We are talking here about your things here, so all steps need to be taken to ensure the safety of those same items.
  • Extra stakes. Go through the contract offered to you and make sure that there are no additional costs to surprise you. In most cases, these would be determined by weight, size or accessibility so pay close attention to those factors.
  • Storage accessibility. Your ideal Las Vegas storage company needs to be close-by. Another factor is the working hours of the facility in question, as you might want to always be able to access the things you’ve got tucked away.

Going all in and making the decision

Bear in mind that all of this can be verified over the phone. However, we would highly recommend taking the time to go and personally visit the facility before making any decisions to ensure that win you want. This gives you a chance to see who you are dealing with. Also, you will get an opportunity to re-visit any potentially confusing terms and requests. So go out there and win the services of the ideal Las Vegas storage company for your needs! And once you do, it’ll be smooth sailing.