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Florida vs Nevada – which is better for raising a family?

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Are you thinking about moving but not quite sure? It’s a big step that requires a lot of consideration between Florida vs Nevada. We are here to help you. When moving from state to state people want to know which is better for raising a family, which one has lower crime rates, which one has cheaper real estate to offer, and stuff like that. It is best to take all factors into account and compare both states on as many levels as possible. Only when everything has been thought through in detail should a decision be made.

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How to include children in moving preparations

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You may feel lost when moving because obligation can suck out your time and you can forget about more important things. Moving as a process is not easy, but moving with children is even harder. Every trouble that regular moving might brings, is multiplied when moving with children. To reduce this stress and make it easier for yourself, it is best to include children in the moving process. Have in mind that children are way more emotional about our home, even more than you. They are tied to school, friends, local and familiar places, and neighborhood. All these things are keeping your child anchored in one place. Moving can be stressful for them. In order to make it easier it is good to include children in moving preparations.

 Be careful when including your children in the moving process

When moving, you need to pay attention to the little ones. Relocation and adaptation are very hard for them. That’s why you need to talk with them about moving way before moving. In order to prepare them for such a big change you need to:

  • Have family meeting
  • Letting child make decision
  • Proper farewell
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They need to have their opinion

You need to talk

Family meeting that takes place in advance is a great way to avoid any surprises and a way to include children in moving preparations. Let your children participate and have their thoughts about moving. Do not make false promises to them and be honest. Make them believe they are part of big decision-making. For example, ask them how would they decorate a new home. Give them a voice in trivial decisions and that will make them feel important. One of the most important things is to play it cool, do not show signs of stress to your children. If children see you stressed, they will become too.

They will have their own perspective

It is important for children to make some decisions. This is not only for the purpose of moving, but it will make their character for the future. Letting them learn to make decisions is very important, as consequences of making decisions. Let them decide what toys they will bring to their new home. What will you need to buy for your new home? Allow them to cooperate with Champion Movers and pack their things safely. Having something familiar on unfamiliar ground is of great importance.

Packed clother and shoes
Include children in moving preparations by letting them pack their own stuff

Saying goodbyes is always hard

Children build strong emotional connections with people and places. When moving away, no matter if it is another side of town, or you are going to perform a long-distance move, you must allow your family and, especially children, to properly say goodbyes. This will help them to overcome emotional crises after moving. In some cases, when you want to include children in moving preparations it is good to make a farewell party, so you can say goodbye to your friends, and children will do the same with their friends.  

Pay some extra attention when moving if you want to include children in moving preparations. When they are emotionally in the right place it will be a lot easier for you to relocate.

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Family move from Florida to Nevada and how can kids help

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Definitely, every moving process is a bit difficult for all, especially when you are relocating with all of your family members to a different state. A process like this one requires detailed planning, excellent organization, and all help that you can get. Therefore, it will be great if your kids can also participate in some tasks regarding moving house. Continue reading our article to find out how your kids can help with your family move from Florida to Nevada.

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