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Shops in Nevada.

Real estate investments in Nevada – 2022

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When most people think about Nevada they think about Las Vegas, gambling and all around over the top exuberance. However, this state has much more to offer than just gambling. For starters, it has one of the hottest real estate markets in the States. Considering that about 75% of the Nevada population lives in Las Vegas, it doesn’t come as a surprise that the city of sin is the place of biggest real estate investments in Nevada. On the other hand, there are a few other cities that can offer fantastic opportunities for investors too. Read More

There is a huge sign saying 'Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Nevada'.

A simple guide to moving from Denver to Las Vegas

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There is no place like home. That’s what many people say. But, what does it exactly mean? How easy it may be to find a  perfect place to live in. Through this search, we followed one path from Denver to Las Vegas. Since every relocation is a complex process, and help is always welcomed, we found out some useful things for you. Take a look at our simple guide to moving from Denver to Las Vegas, and get ready on time. Read More

Find out why do people move to LV

Why do people move to LV?

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Starting a life in Las Vegas is an opportunity which you need to use if you get it. It is not about the casinos and glamorous lifestyle. This city can offer you so much more than that. You can find your place in this city. Getting new job opportunities is also a good thing about this city. In this article, we are going to present you reasons why people move to LV. Read More

The panorama you will see after moving to LV

Moving to LV as a young professional

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Being young in today’s world is tough. Especially if you are not happy with your current place of living. When you start looking what to do to make your life better moving to LV seems to be a smart decision. The glamour. The overnight success. The hustle and bustle of show business and gambling. If the American dream is alive anywhere, it must be there. But there are, as always, thighs to consider before moving to the Sin City. Read More

LV at night.

Neighborhoods to Avoid when Moving to LV

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If you told someone you were going to Las Vegas, they would immediately assume you were up for wild parties, marrying in haste, squandering your money at a poker table and goodness knows what else. But if you decide to move to Las Vegas, your reasons are probably much different. Then you are probably attracted to this exciting city by a dream job, dream house or the love of your life perhaps. In any case, you will need to explore Las Vegas in another manner. Before you set off and start your new life you need to consider carefully which neighborhood will be worth moving. If you cannot decide which neighborhood would be the best for your family, at least you can get info on those you should definitely avoid. In order to help you avoid making the wrong choice, we present to you the worst neighborhoods in LV. There are well-grounded reasons why these should be out of your list of options for good. Read More

Las Vegas attractions on Las Vegas Strip

Las Vegas attractions – what to see

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Las Vegas – a city in the USA, Nevada, located in the hot center of the Mojave Desert. A little more than half a million people live there permanently. This is one of the main world citadels of the entertainment industry. There is a record number of casinos, hotels, restaurants, concert halls and gaming pavilions in Las Vegas. They are the most important Las Vegas attractions. Most of them are concentrated in the center, along the main street – Las Vegas Strip. Read More

The Colorado River will leave you speechless.

Reasons for moving to Henderson

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If you are thinking about relocation and are looking for an affordable place, give Henderson, Nevada a thought. This peaceful city has a lot to offer. Reasons for moving to Henderson are many. It will win you over with 300 sunny days a year and its stunning surroundings. With so many options for outdoor activities, its perfect for nature-loving active people. Read More

Top Las Vegas adjacencies for your relocation- Part IV

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The serial of articles regarding Las Vegas adjacencies is continuing to present you the top destinations for your relocation! This is our fourth extension, with some more recommendations on the same subject- where are the best neighbourhoods for life in Las Vegas. We received many e-mails after we published texts on neighbourhoods of Las Vegas to move to part I, part II and part III asking for more moving recommendations. Las Vegas territory is very big, so here we are with more Las Vegas adjacencies suggestions! The criteria remained the same, so these suggestions to come are equally good, or perhaps slightly better than previous ones. We will explain again the criteria we used for ranking the neighbourhoods, to remind you, being that it’s been a while since we mentioned them:

  • Average salary– Neighbourhoods with top earnings per capita
  • Housing– The adjacencies with the most affordable homes
  • Unemployment rate- Parts of Las Vegas with the least unemployed, and the most business offers
  • Crime rate– The safest territories of Las Vegas measured by crimes per 1000 inhabitants
  • Time spent in transportation- Neighbourhoods ranked by commuting time from house to work and back

We are writing this for those already decided to move to Las Vegas, and those already living in it. For those to come, it is recommendable to read the experience of newcomers and expats to Las Vegas. Because it will help them determine how to choose the right neighbourhood for them.

Top Las Vegas adjacencies by recommendation from inhabitants of The Sin City!

South and south-west Las Vegas, as good adjacency as it gets for both, singles and families!

Las Vegas adjacencies' young families representative

South and south-west Las Vegas- perfect adjacency for young families

This area of South and South-west Las Vegas was a cowboy land until recent times. It was almost uninhabited. Although it’s been modernised even as we speak, you can still see a horse rider, using old-fashioned transportation. What makes it now so special is the view you can enjoy in. Peaceful nature is all around you. With apostrophe on the sunset, the most beautiful sight you might have experienced. Being that the prices for the condos and houses are very reasonable here, it is very popular for relocations. Especially for relocations of students and young families. Purchasing their first home.

The main amenities of these South and south-west Las Vegas adjacencies are open air shopping complex in the centre of the city, town square, restaurants and shops owned by families etc. Generally, this is the area of Las Vegas known for family businesses. Therefore an ideal place to start and raise a family, doing what you like, and living out of it. Read More