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hourglass counting away before you move in no time

How to move in no time at all?

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When it comes to moving, most people think of a long, planned process. But, what happens when life becomes unpredictable and you have to organize a last-minute move? Whether it’s an unexpected job offer to another state or simply a move you’re procrastinating on for months, it doesn’t matter. The panic as the moving day draws closer is the same. So, how do you get out of your head and start planning how to move in no time? Read on and you’ll be good to go in just a few days!

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A man moving with family across the country in small car

Tips for moving with family across country

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People are afraid of nationwide relocation, especially with the entire family. It involves packing, long preparation, and money spent. That is why moving represents a very stressful situation for most families and individuals looking to relocate. And it is also why you might want to research ways of making all this easier on yourself. So, we have put two and two together in order to offer you some practical tips for moving with family across the country. Read More

Check if Las Vegas is the right place to move to for an expatriate like you

Las Vegas expats’ moving experience

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We did a serial of articles about where to move in Las vegas part I, part II and part III and also Reasons to move to Las Vegas. After that, we thought it was wise to let those intending to move to Las Vegas from abroad hear the Las Vegas expats’ moving experience. We contacted people that passed the same difficulties relocating from the country where they were born to Las Vegas. Then we collected their experiences of what is the most important to be mentioned about that.

That is what you are going to read here. Before you make a move, it is wise to check out how others did doing what you intend to do. So you wouldn’t jump into the relocation without the complete information. We’re not saying that moving to Las Vegas as an expat would be wrong. Just check the experience of foreigners relocating to Las Vegas so you may make the right decision if it suits you. 


Check if Las Vegas is the right place to move to for an expatriate like you

Is Las Vegas such a fabulous city for an expat like you when relocating away from home?


Las Vegas expats’ moving experience-Check out what the previous foreigners highlighted about moving to Las Vegas-

  • Moving to Las Vegas with children- Realise what would you need to face with moving your children to Las Vegas. Moving away from their natural environment.
  • Finding a job in Las Vegas- How difficult it is to earn money in Las Vegas for someone commuting here from abroad
  • Read about the climate- Think about the weather in Las Vegas, moving here would mean you need to adjust it, can you do that?
  • Can you resist the gambling and sinful nightlife?- Former or current gambling addicts shouldn’t consider commuting to Las Vegas, it is a sin city after all. The same stands for expats addicted to sex, alcohol or drugs.

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