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Fisherman moving to Las Vegas and fishing after settling in.

Fisherman moving to Las Vegas and Nevada

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Fishing in Las Vegas and Nevada.

As an avid, or as my wonderful late grandmother would have said, “Bewitched”, fisherman, the first thing I explore about any location, are fishing opportunities. Moving home to Nevada, or to Las Vegas, on the first glance gives an averagely uninformed worm dipper a headache. Imagine flashing neon lights during the night, and tumbleweed, dust, and coyotes during the day. Well, it’s not like that, actually. Though Nevada, flow more than 600 streams and rivers, and there are also more than 200 lakes and reservoirs. There is a great fishing culture in this state. Wonderful species of fish swim through Nevada water systems. Fisherman moving to Las Vegas┬áhas a lot to look forward to. Read More