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Biggest benefits of moving your business from Nevada to Florida

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If you are moving your business from Nevada to Florida, we can tell you firsthand that this can be an amazing opportunity for you. Florida is so much more than a retirement destination. Big cities like Miami are full of business opportunities. Also, beaches in Florida are among the best ones in the world. Living near them can be such a game-changer. After all, you won’t be working for 24 hours every day. What is a better way to unwind than relaxing on some of the best beaches Florida has to offer you?

The obvious one

Many people and businesses choose to relocate to Florida because of the state’s low tax rates. There is no state personal, inheritance, or intangibles tax in Florida to get things off to the right start. When compared to other states, it has low corporate and sales taxes. Tax laws in Florida have always attracted people. After all, this is one of the reasons why seniors are retiring here. But entrepreneurs like this too.   Fewer tax dollars will go to the government, allowing for more money to be invested in businesses and ventures. That is one of the perks of moving your business from Nevada to Florida. Before you start preparing for this relocation you will need to find reliable movers.

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This is not the only benefit – keep reading.

The government is very welcoming towards new businesses especially the ones moving here

Government leaders have been actively encouraging businesses to move to their state. They’ve taken steps to make it easier for them to settle in. In fact, Bush utilized about $500 million in stimulus money from after-September-11th projects to bring in internationally renowned biotech companies that helped broaden the state’s economy. “Hospitality mentality” is what the mayor refers to as his approach to working with business leaders and making them feel right at home in Florida. 

Many large businesses are considering moving out of their current locations (just like you are right now) because they don’t like how their state is handling their business and the current conditions. Florida’s welcoming strategy has been a huge factor in attracting new businesses here. You will feel at home here.

Good economy

If you look at their economy, Florida is experiencing a renaissance in this department. They are investing in their future.  Their schools are getting better and better each year.  Miami is also investing quite a lot in (broadband) infrastructure to make sure that all citizens have access to the best internet connections. The expansion of workforce development programs is also aimed at ensuring that Florida’s businesses have a steady supply of workers with the skills necessary to compete in today’s modern economy.

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A thriving economy is always a good sign.

Florida for small businesses

The Sunshine State glows brightly for American business with its (about) 2.5 million small businesses. No wonder Florida was named the second-best state for business by Chief Executive Magazine. This is a great place to start, grow, and succeed. This can be a great place for your small business too!


In Florida, LLCs that were formed in other states can relocate to the Sunshine State through a process known as conversion. The LLC owners, known as members, are able to change the law that governs the LLC through the process of conversion.

The most popular businesses in Florida

  • Senior Care Services
  • Social Media-related businesses
  • Smart Product Development
  • Organic Beauty Products
  • Fast Food
  • Healthy Fast Food
  • Healthcare-related businesses
  • Wheelchair Repair
  • Children’s organic clothing
  • Beauty salons
  • Real Estate agencies

If you see your line of work here that is a sign that you in fact should focus on moving your business from Nevada to Florida. If it’s not, don’t worry. All you need to do is be creative and invest in marketing and surely your business will make it here. Make sure to research which location will work best for your business and when you do all you will have left is to call Orange Mover.

Transferring your company from Nevada to Florida

The first thing you will need is a certificate called “Good Standing” for the company’s current location. You will also need to obtain a” Certificate of Domestication” from the Florida Division of Corporations and Articles of Incorporation or Organization. Dissolve the LLC in the state where it was formed. The process is not too complicated. But, there is a chance that you will need some legal help. When it comes to sorting legal paperwork for your business, it’s always the best way to hire a lawyer. Unless you have one in your company. When it comes to relocation, do not attempt to DIY it.

Moving your business from Nevada to Florida (relocation)

When it comes to moving your business it’s always a good idea to hire professional movers. That way you will know that all your business belongings (as well as your private ones) will arrive safely. Movers are not only good for relocation. In fact, they will be of the biggest help once you arrive at your new office/place of business. Skilled assistance is available for everything you need like unpacking and settling in for example.

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Ask for an estimate ahead so you can plan your moving budget.

Adapting to Florida

The sooner you unpack the sooner you will be able to start working. So make sure to do this as quickly as possible. Adapting to life in Florida won’t be very hard. You are already used to hot weather. Chances are that your new neighbors will be friendly since the Floridians are known to be good neighbors. That will make everything much easier. Good luck and hopefully soon enough your business will be thriving in Florida no matter the city you choose.