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By November 12, 2017Moving to Las Vegas

If you are thinking about relocation and are looking for an affordable place, give Henderson, Nevada a thought. This peaceful city has a lot to offer. Reasons for moving to Henderson are many. It will win you over with 300 sunny days a year and its stunning surroundings. With so many options for outdoor activities, its perfect for nature-loving active people.

Henderson is appealing to both families and singles. Its proximity to Vegas’ abundant nightlife attracts single people. There’s a never ending list of ways to have fun in the city of Las Vegas.  On the other hand, peace and quiet and numerous nature activities are what make it desirable to families. So go ahead and read more on why relocating to Henderson makes so much sense, no matter who you are moving with – alone or with a family.

You can be in and out of Vegas in 30 minutes

Not too long ago, Las Vegas and Henderson used to be two separate cities. But thanks to expansion of both cities, they have become one. Nowadays, Henderson is considered one of the neighborhoods of Vegas. This means that if you move to Henderson, you will be a thirty-minute drive away from The Strip and all the fun attractions that millions of tourists come to visit every year. You’ll have the opportunity to attend any and all the crazy entertainment amenities Las Vegas has to offer, but attendance is not mandatory. You can choose to stay in your peaceful home, away from all the commotion.  Also, you’ll have access to variety of international flights each day at your disposal, precisely due to tourists.

You’ll get more square feet for your buck

Prices of real estate are competitive in comparison with the country’s major cities, on each coast. So if you are moving to Henderson from New York or Los Angeles you will be pleasantly surprised by the size of a home you can afford here. For little over $350,ooo you can buy a 5-bedroom, 5-bathroom, 2-storey house with almost 3,ooo sqft. There’s a range of houses to choose from, but they all have spaciousness and reasonable price tags in common. Check for yourself!

Moving to Henderson means being able to enjoy the great American outdoors

With it’s desert climate, it might be too hot for some people. But if you enjoy the warm weather, then you’ll like Henderson. It has almost 300 sunny days per year and wonderful nature to be explored during those days. You won’t be short of ideas for an active day outside if you move to Henderson, that’s for sure. On the contrary! So what’s there to see, you ask.

There is:

  • the Colorado river
  • Lake Mead
  • Red Rock National Conservation Area
  • Charleston Peak
  • Valley of Fire State Park to explore after moving to Henderson, Nevada.

Moving to Henderson is being close to the Colorado River

The Colorado River will leave you speechless.

The Colorado River will take your breath away.

In Henderson’s vicinity you’ll find the breathtaking Colorado river. It’s a great destination for camping. You can marvel at it in sunset or hike alongside it during the day. Either way, its beauty and amazing curves will leave you speechless.

Lake Mead is yours to enjoy if you move to Henderson

Lake Mead also offers many opportunities for relaxation and enjoying. The lake is 24 miles long and it’s the largest water reservoir in the US. It provides a number of water sport activities to both locals and visitors. Swimming, boating, water skiing, sunbathing or fishing. All you have to do is decide what or in which order do you want to do.

Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area is close by

It will take you less than an hour by car from your Henderson home to reach the spectacular Red Rock Canyon. This place is ideal for hiking and rock-climbing. With various hiking trails and gorgeous views, it’s perfect for the ones seeking adventure, nature photography or tranquility.

Charleston Peak for skiing, hiking and camping

Rising 11,916 feet in the air, Charleston Peak is covered with snow during most of the year. It has a ski resort, six campgrounds, 12 hiking trails and seven picnic sites. It’s the most popular weekend getaway destination for locals and visitors alike, especially in the summer heath.If some of your relatives are less physically active, you can go on a scenic drive together and revel in nature’s  beauty that way.

Valley of Fire State Park

Moving to Henderson means being close to amazing nature

If you move to Henderson, you will be surrounded by amazing nature – case in point Elephant Rock!

This State Park is like nothing you have ever seen before. If you are interested in geography and history you’ll be happy to visit Valley of Fire. Park’s landscapes consists of sandstone and sand dunes. It’s home to some completely unique natural monuments like the Elephant Rock, Windstone Arch and Fire Canyon arch. History aficionados will be amazed by the Anasazi people’s prehistoric petroglyphs. After visiting for the first time, you’ll want to come back again.

Go bird watching

Henderson Bird Viewing Preserve is one of a kind oasis in the middle of the desert that is home to 10,000 bird species. Once a waste water treatment facility, now it is a top bird watching destination. If you want to see some rare species like American Avocet, Verdin or Black-tailed Gnatcatcher, Henderson Bird Viewing Preserve is the place to go.

Henderson is a great place to move to if you love good coffee

Residents of Henderson are very passionate about their coffee. So much so, that they named some of the city’s streets Doubleshot Lane, House Bland Lane and Coffee Bean Place. There’s no need to tell you Henderson has loads of great coffee places. 

It won’t come as a surprise that you want to live in Henderson for all the aforementioned reasons. If this is the case, it’s not a bad idea to hire a Las Vegas moving company to help you with the relocation. If you are not too impressed with Henderson, but still interested in the Vegas area, you can take a look at some of the other Las Vegas neighborhoods. You’ll maybe relate to them more.


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