Packing schedule for relocation to Las Vegas

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What’s the most important thing about moving to Las Vegas? Ok, I wasn’t clear enough, of course, it is the decision to relocate to the Strip. But right after that comes planning on the steps for relocation. First, you need to make the deadline or set the date when you’re moving. Right after that, you need to reserve a professional Las Vegas mover. And the next step is everything else. I say everything because the most of your involvement with the moving comes after that. And that is, in case you’re planning on packing by yourself, planning how to pack your items. Therefore, we decided to help you with that. Here’s the article about packing schedule for relocation to Las Vegas. We suggest you read it immediately if you made a decision to move to Vegas.

Stick to your packing schedule for relocation to Las Vegas

Make your packing schedule for relocation to Las Vegas, and stick to it!

4 steps of the packing schedule for relocation to Las Vegas

Good decision about the moving to Las Vegas is to pack by yourself. It saves you some money, and you get the chance to get rid of the items you don’t need. But when you do decide that, then you need to make packing timeline a lot before the Vegas moving day. Here we are to give you a hand what to do:

  • A month before the move- It is the time for pre-packing or preparing everything to get started.
  • 3 weeks prior to Las Vegas relocation day- Now you should separate non-essentials and useless things, and get rid of them, so you wouldn’t have to pay for their transportation to Vegas. Also, here’s the ideal time for packing more things you won’t use before you move.
  • Half a month before the Strip move- Just the right time to decide what’s gonna happen with all those stuff you rarely use.
  • Finally, last week before the moving day- The last step of the packing schedule for relocation to Las Vegas- packing the last boxes!

A month before your migration to Vegas

A good packing plan is making your migration to Las Vegas a lot easier

Create a packing plan a lot before you actually hit the road to Las Vegas

The most important thing is that you have enough time to do everything right. But you shouldn’t waste it. Therefore, since you have space to divide the packing into several activities, here is the first- Pack everything you certainly won’t use until you move to Vegas. Here are some examples:

  • Clothes and stuff for another season- If it’s, i.e., summer, you won’t be needing all those winter stuff. So pack it up, and ease up your job of moving to Vegas.
  • Tools from the garage- Being that you’ll have a busy schedule regarding your packing and moving to Las Vegas, you probably or certainly shall not use all those special tools.
  • Your collections- For example, I have a collection of beer cans. Whatever you might have, pack it before your actual packing starts.

All of those things we mentioned, and similar to them, look so unimportant and easy to be done. But, believe us, it’s important to remove them from your obligations ASAP. If you don’t do that on time, you could have trouble to meet the deadline and finish all steps of packing schedule for your Las Vegas migration on time.

3 weeks until your Vegas move

After you packed all of those things you certainly won’t be using until your Las Vegas moving day, it’s time for two things. First, decide what you don’t need in Vegas, and separate it from other things, You may sell those items, or present them. Either way, you shouldn’t pay money for them to be packed and transported if you’re not planning on using them after your relocation to Las Vegas. Second, you should pack everything you do need, but you won’t have time to use due to moving and packing schedule for relocation to Las Vegas. Here are some of the items we figured you might pack at this point of Vegas packing timeline:

  • Sports props- Being that your packing plan is so tough, you probably won’t be playing basketball or go for swimming. There’s a lot of work to be done and that will be the last thing on your mind, so it’s time to pack those props.
  • Kitchen items- Kitchen is probably the most demanding room to pack for your Vegas move. So you better get started on time to meet the packing plan deadline. Pack everything except necessities to cook during those 20 days left before you make your move to Vegas.
  • Library- If you own a book or cd library, or both, you should consider packing them the same time as the kitchen. It takes time. Now you have enough of it, but as the days pass, you probably won’t be having enough of it. So, do that while you still can do it without hurry.

2 Weeks left until your relocation to the biggest city in Nevada

Pack your office on time, so you could do your job without problems after moving to Vegas

Stick to a packing timeline, so you’d pack your office on time- You don’t want to move to Vegas and forget something essential for your job!

The schedule says now’s the time to pack rarely used items and your valuables. It may look like you’ve done a terrific job in previous to steps, and now you have all the time in the world to do the rest, but you don’t. So stick to the packing timeline, and you’ll be able to finish everything on time, not using too much effort. Here is what you should pack at this point in time:

  • Your children’s toys- Everybody has toys. So, even if you don’t have kids, don’t get embarrassed to have your little games for relaxation. But if you do have children, you’ll have a lot of toys. Ask them to put their favourites aside, so you could pack the rest for transportation to Vegas.
  • Items from your office Now it’s the point of time when you’re either quitting your job, or you’re counting days until that happens. So you can pack the most or all of your items from the office, so you wouldn’t forget to bring them to Las Vegas.
  • Your valuables and jewellery- It’s important to pack these items while you’re still relaxed so you could remember where you put them, and to carefully secure damaging.

Packing plan for the last week prior to Vegas relocation

What you didn’t do up to now, you need to do it during this week. Sit for a while and check how are you doing. According to the packing schedule for relocation to Las Vegas. If you’re not about to meet the packing timeline deadline, you have two options. Either you’ll get some help. Or you’ll have to multiply your efforts so you would finish everything. And to finish it until your Las Vegas professional mover comes on a moving day. Here’s what you’re about to pack during the last week:

  • Furniture- It’s not as easy as putting the blanket onto each piece. You’ll need to disassemble some of your furniture, and if you’re not handy with it, it will take time. That’s why you need to respect each step of packing schedule. Before your actual migration to Vegas starts.
  • Kitchen- We advised you to pack your kitchen items earlier. So now you should pack the rest of it and the kitchen furniture. Don’t think that’s easy.
  • Bathroom items- You might ask why did we leave kitchen and bathroom for the end? Well, we could answer you with the question- what shall you need first when you move to your new Las Vegas home?
  • Electronics- We assume that you do watch the Tv, and you use the computer, so this is what you’ll pack a day or two before the relocation to Las Vegas
  • Your clothes- Or we might say the rest of it, being that you packed some at the beginning.
  • Box(es) with essentials- Being that you probably won’t be able to unpack everything the moment you enter your home, you need this. The box with essentials should contain everything you will use the first couple days after your moving to Las Vegas.

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