Moving to Saudi Arabia on a short notice

Overseas moves were never easy, not to mention overseas moves in a hurry in a country that is totally different from the USA. But, it is not the end of the world when you have a guide and all the right information. Moving to Saudi Arabia is a big step, to be honest, and most people from the USA are moving there because of a job offer. A last minute move is very stressful and difficult, but it does not have to be.

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Stick to your deadlines and use the time wisely

Relocation must be organized and planned, and how to prepare for a long-distance move when time is not on your side? Just follow this simple guide and stay focused. Do not worry about adjusting to a new place and cultural shock. Now, the only step is to get prepared for a moving and to finish everything on time.

Tips for moving to Saudi Arabia on short notice

Yes, changing a location is hard. When people have more time to prepare themselves mentally, it is easier. When you do not have enough time to prepare yourself, then it could be a little problem. Everything should be faster. Packing, finding a company, booking a flight, finding a new home in Saudi Arabia, etc. Three main steps are:

  • Getting a visa. Some company must invite you when moving to Saudi Arabia and to offer you a job.
  • Get all required vaccinations. Visit your doctor and follow his/her advice.
  • Temperatures in Saudi Arabia are very high, so make sure your body is prepared too. 
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Get all the right information when getting prepared for a big move. Do the research and make a checklist

Start on time

Immediately when you find out about moving to Saudi Arabia, do not waste your precious time and start planning and organizing. Even if you have plenty of time, planning takes a lot of energy. First of all, make a checklist, set a budget, and it will help you save money when moving. Being prepared does not mean just to pack boxes, it is much more. Make sure you have all required documents and paperwork. If something is missing, you will probably have a problem with traveling to KSA.


To start packing, you do not finish all the paperwork you need. You can do both at the same time. Start to pack items you will not need before moving day, such as some small kitchen appliances, half of the clothing, items from basement, etc. Keep in mind that you do not need to pack winter clothing (because the weather there is very hot and Sunny), Christmas ornaments, ski equipment, alcohol, etc. There are many things you cannot import because it is forbidden.

Plan your travel to KSA and make reservations

If you are moving in summer, it is a peak season for moving in the USA, but for KSA it is not because temperatures are too high. In both cases, you must make reservations and research a little bit. For example, if you do not have a home there, you will probably be in a hotel after moving. Travel fees will be paid by a company that invited you (it should be), but you must do research and plan your travel. Try to find a home while you are still in the USA, of course, do not rent it immediately. Just make sure you are familiar with their real estate market.

Set deadlines

Make a plan and goals for what to finish that day and stick to it. If you have a team that helps you prepare, ask them to respect deadlines too. Start your day early, even if you want to sleep until 11 am. A good organization is a key to a successful relocation.

Ask for help

Help is almost required when you are a lack of time. Your friends can help with packing and researching too. If you are moving to Saudi Arabia with family, include them all in preparations. Even support is also helpful. If you want professional help, find residential movers in Jubail at your disposal and the problem is solved.

For packing large and heavy items you will need strong friends to help you out. So, if you are not moving on short notice, you will need help anyway.

Hiring a moving company on the last minute

Booking a long-distance in the last minute is hard, but possible. Just because you do not have a lot of time, it does not mean you should hire the first company you find. Do your research, it is not a waste of time, trust us. A mover must be reliable, reputable, quality, affordable, experienced, licensed, and insured. Do not take anything less than that. There are many companies that may transport your household items to Saudi Arabia., and one of them is Four Winds Saudi Arabia. One of the advantages is that, when you find a company you want to hire, you can get a better deal because it is a last-minute offer.

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There are so many things you should finish before a moving day. Get organized and ask for help

Moving to Saudi Arabia on short notice has pros too, as you can see, you can save money. Just do not panic or you will not do anything. Calm down and start preparing and organizing belongings and documents. Think about good things, for example, you will have a new job in Saudi Arabia and you will have a chance to travel and to meet new culture, people food, etc. Moving from the USA to KSA is stressful, but learn how to manage and handle it and you will move like a pro. Good luck!

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