Moving to Pittsburgh – pros and cons

By August 19, 2018Moving from Las Vegas

Affordable housing, great entertainment, and beautiful scenery. Is there anything not to love about the city of steel? Even though it is a great place to live in, moving to Pittsburgh might not be the best idea for everyone. Just like any other city, Pittsburgh has its own culture and vibe. Choosing the perfect destination for your move is never easy. Besides finding new career opportunities and the perfect housing option, the city you are moving to must also meet your requirements and lifestyle.

a bridge in pittsburgh

Pittsburgh- The city of steel and bridges

Moving to another city is always a major decision that required detailed planning and preparations. Even though many of us have at least once in their lifetime thought of packing their bags and having a fresh start at a new place, deciding on a relocation takes commitment and courage. In order to make an informed decision and avoid any moving troubles, prior to packing your boxes make sure you get to know the city and make a detailed moving plan before moving home.

The pros of living in Pittsburgh

Living Pittsburgh, the city with more than 400 bridges has many qualities that contribute to its great vibe and culture. As there are many perks to living  in Pittsburg we will mention the most important ones and leave it up to you to discover the rest:

  • Affordable housing is the very first thing you will notice as a pro for moving to Pittsburgh.
  • Safety and great healthcare.
  • The culture and amenities.
  • Education opportunities.

The affordability

Pittsburgh has a great real estate market. With a median home price just a bit over $130.000 it is considered to way below the national average by the living cost. The city of Pittsburgh has low living costs and is, therefore, a great place to live move with your family. Living in the city with a cost of living more than 4% below the national average will help your budget.

In order to avoid delay when moving home, you should start searching for housing options well in advance. With its 90 neighborhoods, Pittsburgh has to offer various housing options.  Therefore, make sure you research the borough you want to live in and find the perfect new home.

Safety and healthcare

Even though it is considered to be a major urban area, Pittsburgh is a safe city. This must be the reason why so many retirees decide on calling it home. Besides the safety, Pittsburgh has top-rated healthcare institutions.

Moving to Pittsburgh for a job in the healthcare industry

If you are looking for a job in the medical field, Pittsburgh might be the perfect moving destination. Its renowned hospitals represent major PN employers. Moving to Pittsburgh for a career opportunity will be a life-changing process. Ensure you move goes smoothly by planning in advance and creating a moving checklist.

The culture of Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh has a vibrant art scene. If you like visiting museums in your free time, you will love living in Pittsburgh! The city is the home to the first museum of modern art in the World, The Carnegie Museum of Art. Andy Warhol Museum and Children’s  Museum of Pittsburgh are yet another two attractions you need to visit right after the move! Enjoy performing arts by visiting some of the many great venues the city has to offer.

The Golden Triangle, Pittsburgh downtown is the place of a vibrant nightlife and many great amenities. It features many great restaurants, bars, and breweries. Craft beer is something its residents are proud of. Therefore, when it comes to having fun and meeting the locals, all you have to do is visit a local cafe or brewery.

peole watching a game after moving to pittsburgh

Pittsburgh is a great place for any sports fan

If you love sports, Pittsburgh will feel like home right away! As the city is the home to NFL, NHL and MBL teams, there will always be an opportunity to have fun and watch a great game.

The education opportunities in Pittsburgh

If you are moving to college or want to get a higher degree while working, Pittsburgh might be the perfect choice for your move. Top rated institutions like the Carnegie Mellon University and the University of Pittsburgh have many great degree programs you can enroll to. With its affordability and cheap housing, living on a budget won’t be a problem when studying in Pittsburgh!

Moving to Pittsburgh for studies – An important tip

Moving to college or university is never an easy task. Besides finding the best degree program and searching for housing and roommates, the move itself requires a detailed plan. The best way to avoid any common relocation mistakes is to hire professional movers. Look for reliable movers, like Movin’ Murdy – Pittsburgh Movers, who know the area and have the tools and knowledge to plan and conduct the relocation with ease. Therefore, you can focus on planning your new life while the professionals do the heavy lifting for you.

The cons of moving to Pittsburgh

Just like mentioned before, each city has its upsides and downsides. Pittsburgh is a great city, but maybe it just won’t get under your skin. In order to choose the best destination for your move, make sure you ask yourself a few important questions.

a measuring scale

Make sure to evaluate the pros and cons of moving to Pittsburgh

Is Pittsburgh too small for you?

Comparing to the other urban metropolitan areas in the US, Pittsburgh can be considered to be a small city. With the population a little over 303.000 people, it just might be too small for someone moving from a larger city. If you are moving from Nevada, you will know that not everyone would enjoy moving to Las Vegas. The same goes for Pittsburgh. Therefore, make sure you choose the best destination to move to by asking yourself a few important questions.

Do you like winter?

If you are moving to Pittsburgh from Florida, it might take some time to get used to the climate. Winters are harsh and cold while summers are hot and humid.  If you are not a big fan of the snow, Pittsburgh might not be the best choice for you.

Is this the best place for your move?

Pittsburgh and its culture might not be what you have been looking for. Therefore, ensure you make the right decision by getting to know the city. The best way to do so is to take a few days and visit. This way you will be able to get to know the city and its culture properly prior to moving to Pittsburgh.

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