Moving tips for newcomers – Minnesota edition

By August 11, 2018Moving from Las Vegas

So, you’ve decided to move to Minnesota. That’s a great opportunity to experience new things and truly start a brand new chapter in your life. It’s okay if you’re feeling nervous or overwhelmed. It doesn’t matter if you’re moving from the neighboring state or moving internationally, moving is always a stressful time. Maybe you’re worried about the dreaded “Minnesota nice”, or maybe you’re just worried how you’ll handle the planning of the move. But, that’s okay, this article is here to help you! Within this article, you will find moving tips for newcomers that are specifically tailored to combat Minnesota-related anxieties. As well as possible cures for “Minnesota nice”.

A woman so stressed she's biting down on a pencil. Maybe she should read moving tips for newcomers.

These moving tips for newcomers are sure to help you from going bananas.

One of the most important moving tips for newcomers is preparation

It’s difficult to adjust as a newcomer if you don’t prepare for it. Research your future location, and try to immerse yourself in it. You should know what to expect when you do make the trip! Look up your new city, see what people are saying about it. Check the weather patterns – do you need to buy winter clothes? If you frequent the nightlife in Las Vegas, the answer is “definitely”.

A pink highlighter checking off boxes on a piece of paper.

“Getting the kids’ dental records? Check. Scheduling utility shut-offs? Check. Reading more moving tips for newcomers to Minnesota? Check!”

You should make a moving plan. That way, important tasks don’t accidentally fall through the cracks, leaving you to wake up on moving day in a panic.

  •  Have you gotten a job yet? If you’re moving for work, you may be qualified to make your move tax-deductible. If you qualify for the moving deductible, look forward to a hefty bonus when you file your taxes!
  • Do you have all your important documents on hand? Put them all in one place, and bring them on your person when you make your Minnesota move. You don’t want those displaced or lost!
  • Make sure to schedule when the utilities get turned off. Figure out when they’re plugging in your utilities in your new place, too. Imagine finally sitting down in your new Minnesota place, and discovering you won’t have internet for days because you haven’t scheduled its installation. Of course, that goes for things like electricity and water too.
  • Do you have children? Figure out their school situation!
  • Do you have pets? Make sure to get their records from their vet. This includes check-ups and any medication they might take.
  • Speaking of medication, contact your health provider for instructions on how to continue filling any prescriptions you have.

Hire reputable professionals to speed up your Minnesota move. If they’re from Minnesota themselves, even better!

Planning a move across the states is stressful without professional help, and long distance movers in Minnesota have the most experience in moving people to Minnesota. The right professional will guide you through your long distance move, and offer up moving tips for newcomers specially tailored to your unique situation!

Professional, reputable movers will also offer packing services. Doesn’t that sound like heaven? While it would cost more than packing up everything yourself, just imagine how much a professional packing service saves you in headache pills. Plus, this way everything is guaranteed to be top notch. No moving box bursting on the highway from trying to fit your entire wardrobe in one cardboard box!

So, what is this “Minnesota nice”?

There is an expression common in people who have been to Minnesota. It goes “Minnesotans will give you directions anywhere except their own house”. Minnesotans have a reputation for aloofness. Some pride in it! They’re polite, sure. Graceful. Smiling. They’ll tell you the best places to visit, the best diners to grab a bite in, how to make the most out of life here. You might be thinking “what, they’ll give me moving tips for newcomers themselves?! Where do you come in then?” but they are not friendly. They’ll nod at you and walk away, busy with their own lives. They won’t ask you to go places with them or hang out. Even worse, they won’t accept your invitations! It’s so prevalent that there are now organizations dedicated to breaking the MN bubble.

A bunch of colorful cocktails. Moving tips for newcomers: make friends by joining classes on your interests!

Here are some moving tips for newcomers: the Minnesotan transplant group often has bar meet-ups! Grab your favorite cocktail and mingle!

So, what moving tips for newcomers can help you handle this?

You shouldn’t give up on Minnesota because it has a bad reputation. It also has a lot of brilliant opportunities! And it’s not as bleak as the previous paragraph might have made it sound. Sure, Minnesotans aren’t inquisitive or naturally curious, but they aren’t closed off because they hate joy. It’s just that Minnesota is so self-contained, people already have a circle of friends they grew up with, so it can be difficult to actively desire new friendships. As a result, many Minnesotans just don’t know what it’s like being the new person in the group. They might just not be aware of how you feel!

Friends at a cafe

“What do you mean you weren’t surrounded by the same people since kindergarten?” – Most Minnesotans, probably

  • This is actually the perfect reason to start truly exploring your interests! What group activity has always interested you that you were too busy for? 
  • Seek out other newcomers. Befriending them will be way easier, and if anything you’ll get a friend to complain with, which is always a bonding activity.
  • Join a gym, but don’t exercise solo, take some kind of class.
  • Are you into performing? Music or theater? Join a performing group.
  • If you’re spiritual, see if any churches are the right fit for you.
  • Make the first move – and it might be useful to be specific. Say “let’s go get a drink!” instead of “do you want to get a drink sometime?”
  • Being a shy wall-flower won’t help you at all – and yes, that’s difficult to overcome, but so worth it. Be relentless!
  • To keep amassing moving tips for newcomers, look up local support groups for Minnesota transplants.

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