Moving with a pet to Las Vegas

By December 8, 2018Moving to Las Vegas

Moving, as we are all very well aware is somewhat stressful. It is stressful, for you and your family members. There are so many obligations from finding a good packing material, to finding to hire a good mover’s company. All that can be overwhelming. However, you have a pet. He makes everything easier, not harder. If you have a dog or a cat just looking at them makes you happier. Therefore, the moving stress reduces. However, you are moving with a pet to Las Vegas and things can get a bit complicated.

Moving away never ever means that you should leave your pet behind. Pets are like family members and your job is to treat them as such. You are moving, well, guess what, you have company. Moving with a pet brings more obligations and here we will try and give you some pointers on how to handle this move. Let’s make a checklist and start from there.

Paper with checklist written on it

Any move requires you to create a checklist so that you don’t forget anything

Moving with a pet 101

Moving with a pet, in general, brings some obligations with it. There are some things you ought to do before you start traveling to Las Vegas.

  • Visit a vet
  • Change the address in the chip
  • Pack your pet’s bag
  • Let him enjoy some running before the trip

These are the things that you have to do before your move. Visiting a vet is a must. The vet will check your pet to see if he is in a good health so that he can travel. Also, the vet is the one who will be able to change the info from the chip. This is extremely important especially when it comes to Las Vegas, where every single pet has to have all the info necessary. Also on a personal level, this is extremely important because if your pet gets lost and someone finds him they can contact you to come and pick him up.

Pets traveling

When you start your travel to the new home in Las Vegas, you have to get your pet ready. If you have a dog, let him run around before you let him in the car. If you are hiring movers to make sure that your pet travels with you and not with them in a van. In case you own a cat, it would be the best that you have some type of cradle for her so that she can enjoy the travel by feeling calm in a limited area, even though she would be in a cradle it is still important to have her traveling with you. Pets can see your absence as a tragedy and having them traveling with you, where they can see you and hear you will make them calm during the drive to Las Vegas.

Your pet needs to have an overnight bag

Your furry friend needs to have a luggage of its own. You need to pack them an overnight bag as you will do for yourself. For example, in your bag, you will have a change of underwear, change of clothes and a toothbrush. Your pet has to have the same concept. That overnight bag should have some food, his favorite toy, litter if your pet is a cat and their favorite treats. Having these things near you will help you handle the trip to Las Vegas with them.

Is Las Vegas pet-friendly?

When you are moving with a pet to Las Vegas, you probably keep wondering is this town pet-friendly. Here’s the thing, most places are, but sometimes it is frowned upon. Before you go somewhere with your giant dog make sure that it will be ok to do so. First go alone and visit a lot of places in Las Vegas that may seem like a place where you would bring your pet.

A little sausage dog in a box

Make sure your pet is comfortable while traveling

Also, if you own some of the breeds that cannot really stand the summers easily you might have a serious problem on your hands. It is always sunny in Las Vegas, it’s like they have a summer all year along, and when you think about it they do. There are breeds of dogs that cannot stand this heat. Not to worry though, there are ways to handle this. During the day have your pet somewhere comfortable where the air is conditioned, and walk your pet when the night falls. That is one way to do this, however, it can still be somewhat still hard for your pet, and your job is to make your pet happy.

Life with your pet in your home in Las Vegas

Once you get all settled next step would be to make yourself and your pet comfortable. Firstly, let him smell everything, do not get mad if he makes a bit of a mess. Everything is new for your pet, and he may get confused, maybe even scared. Once he is done with smelling, give him some food, make him feel like at home because this is his new home now. Do not forget him and his needs while you are unpacking and decorating your new Las Vegas home.

A dog smiling

Your pet may need some time to adjust to the new surroundings

Moving with a pet in Las Vegas can be a challenge. Moving with a pet anywhere is a challenge, but they are our family which means that where we go they go. They depend on us, and therefore our job is to make them happy anywhere. So, if you are moving to Las Vegas make sure that your furry friend has a good life there.

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